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Our mission

Improve the quality of people`s life through the widespread use of stone products, which are born in the synergy of our professional staff and technology.

Principles of our work:

  1. Safety. Any ours stone products and all ours services: design, delivery and installation, which we produce are absolutely safe. The highest value for us – is the safety of our employees, all our customers and other people who are touching with the stone culture we create.
  2. Solidity. What we produce: stone products or installation it, are solidity. And this is definitely more priority for us than the outer beauty of stone article.
  3. Aesthetics. With their beauty and durability, our stone products give a true sense of beauty. The culture of stone is a concentration of efforts in the direction to the smallest and, at first, intangible details.
  4. Affordability. We are working hard on the effectiveness of technologies for the manufacture, delivery and installation of stone products in order to make stone culture maximally affordable to a wide range of people.

We help our customers




We started our activity in August 2007 – with the supply of granite and its installation in the interior of the “SILVER” shopping center, located in Lviv on Paton Street. Then we worked exclusively in the field of supply and installation of stone products. Our clients were mainly large construction projects: shopping centers, banks, hotels – which at that time made up the bulk of customers in the Ukrainian construction market. We have successfully gained new experience in the crisis of 2009. And we have created our own stone workshop. Due to the fact that the segment of large construction projects was rapidly declining, we have mastered well the residential stone market. And this was a sufficient number of small orders: stone window sills and fireplaces, stairs and facades made of stone, both Ukrainian and stone from around the world.

Without losing the opportunity to move forward during the next economic recession in Ukraine of 2014, we moved our production closer to the main quarries of decorative stone – in the Zhytomyr region. And before that – in 2013 another office was opened in Odesa. Today our company has two comfortable exhibition customer service offices in Lviv and Odessa. Our production is located in the Zhytomyr region – in Singury village (8 km south of Zhytomyr). This effective scheme of work allows us to create the most beneficial price for our customers on products. At the same time, we accumulate added value and actively invest it in our own production facilities.

Over the years of our work, we have created a full cycle of processing natural stone. From cutting blocks to finished complex stone products: countertops and steps, flamed setts stone and windows sills, balusters and stone balls. Creating maximum peace for you, in such a difficult matter as building, we carry out the installation of products in accordance with the projects that our company itself develops. A large number of objects realized by us adorn Lviv, Odessa, Mukachevo, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk, Rivne and other cities of Ukraine. Information on these projects is available in the section – Our stone projects.

Long-Term Company Strategy, which has been tested for more than one decade of work, is the promotion of Ukrainian stone products in the European countries market, as a result of high-quality work with our colleagues and partners. We are making products from Ukrainian stone, as well as for construction companies – for large projects, and for private customers throughout Europe. We ensure the competitiveness of our products through constant focus on production efficiency. We are actively creating partnerships with construction and installation companies, and openly share experience with our colleagues of stone installation.

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