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Parking granite hemispheres

The main characteristics of parking hemispheres made of granite

1. Three types of surface:

  • Polished  — has a mirror finish;
  • Sanded – matte non-shiny surface;
  • Heat treated – rough, burnt granite surface.

2Two main sizes:

  • diameter 50 cm, height 25 cm;
  • diameter 40 cm, height 20 cm;

3. The range of colors is all available Ukrainian quarry granites. Check out available colors. It is also possible to manufacture parking hemispheres from labradorite, basalt and sandstone.

Comparison of parking hemispheres: concrete VS granite:

PropertiesConcrete hemispheresGranite hemispheres
Доступный тип поверхности:13
Wide range of colors:+
Water absorption coefficient (frost resistance depends on it)0,85 — 1 %0,3 — 0,5 %
Price:CheaperMore expensive

How parking road hemispheres are installed:

Taking into account the fact that a granite road hemisphere with a diameter of 50 cm has a mass of 90 kg, it can be safely simply placed on the road. It stays there by its own weight. A granite parking barrier with a diameter of 40 cm is already significantly lighter – 47 kg. Its installation can be carried out with adhesives – sealants, as well as frost-resistant cement mixtures. If you want to protect yourself from theft of such an elegant architectural object, then you should drill a hole on the back side of the granite hemisphere for reinforcement, with a diameter of 10 – 20 mm. to a depth of 5 – 7 cm. This reinforcement should be embedded in the paving to a depth of 10 – 15 cm. Then it will be very difficult to dismantle such a parking limiter.

The cost of parking hemispheres

Polished surface
Diameter 500 mmDiameter 400 mm
Pokostovsky granite270 EUR/шт.200 EUR/шт.
Labradorite230 EUR/шт.160 EUR/шт.
Kapustinsky granite270 EUR/шт.200 EUR/шт.
Heat treated surface
Diameter 500 mmDiameter 400 mm
Pokostovsky granite220 EUR/шт.160 EUR/шт.
Labradorite180 EUR/шт.120 EUR/шт.
Kapustinsky granite220 EUR/шт.160 EUR/шт.

Application of road granite hemispheres as parking barriers:

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