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Sawn granite paving stones

Imagine: your task is to improve the sidewalk in a busy place near the cafe, so that it is convenient to walk, and there was no end to tourists. Or make the entrance to your own home as pleasant as possible and forget about repairs for many years. There is only one answer: sawn granite paving stones are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and, most importantly, affordable! These days, quality faux paving slabs cost as much as natural stone. Moreover, not a single cement-based paving stone can be compared with granite in terms of durability, since the technology for producing concrete with such a low water absorption coefficient and such a high wear resistance has not yet been invented.

Assortment of sawn granite paving stones

Как мы делаем пиленую брусчатку из гранита

На первом этапе мы берём гранитные блоки, непосредственно из карьера, и пропиливаем их на всю глубину алмазными дисками. Распил блока делается таким образом, чтобы получились заготовки — гранитные пласты, к примеру, толщиной 20 см. Одна такая гранитная заготовка может весить несколько тонн. При массовом производстве гранитной брусчатки процесс подготовки таких пластов-заготовок идёт постоянно. Затем эти заготовки распиливают многодисковой алмазной установкой. Результатом являются полосы, к примеру, толщиной 5 см и шириной 20 см. Затем эти полосы подвергаются термообработке. После получения термообработанных полос толщиной 5 см и шириной 20 см, их можно разделять уже на готовую брусчатку двумя способами: раскалывать или распиливать. В первом случае мы получаем пиленую брусчатку с колотыми краями. При распиле, на ширину 10 см — получаем полнопиленную брусчатку размером 20×10 см.

How are sawn granite paving stones packed and transported?

Unlike split paving stones, which are transported in large bags, we pack sawn granite paving stones on pallets. Their standard size is 120 × 80 cm. One pallet is loaded with products weighing from 1 to 2 tons, but no more! For example, on a pallet with large paving stones 30 * 30 cm in size, 3 cm thick and weighing 1800 kg, 21.6 m2 can fit. The pallet with paving stones is pulled together with polypropylene tapes – for the possibility of transportation over long distances.

Smaller paving stones, for example, 10×10 cm, are also packed on wooden pallets, but this is a rather labor-intensive operation, the cost of which will definitely affect the price of the final product. For this reason, the best solution for sawn granite paving stones is a large format – at least 20×20 cm.

How to lay sawn granite paving stones

Under the granite pavers, a rigid, non-deformable base is required – reinforced concrete 7-10 cm thick. At the same time, to ensure the absence of holes on the road, a layer of concrete is necessary regardless of whether you choose a coating thickness of 5 cm or 3 cm.

Installation of paving stones with a thickness of 5 or more centimeters on a concrete base can be carried out both with the help of a dry cement-sand mixture, and with the help of frost-resistant cement adhesives. In this case, sufficiently wide seams between individual stones are required – at least 5 mm. When mounted on a dry mix, each paving stone is kept in its place not only with the help of the back side, but also with the side surfaces.

We recommend installing sawn granite paving stones 3 cm thick on a concrete base using frost-resistant cement adhesives. They also fill the seams between the paving stones. Also, we note that with the help of one format, but different colors of granite, you can create extremely attractive streets of our cities. As a result, the cost of granite paving stones will turn into a profitable investment!

Options for design solutions with sawn granite paving stones

Laying sawn granite paving stones “Trypilsky Uzor”

Installation of sawn granite paving stones “Tri-color parquet”

Design of sawn granite paving stone “Meander”

Installation option for sawn granite paving stones “Chess”

The method of laying sawn granite paving stones “Diagonal”

Installation of sawn granite paving stones “Vyshyvanka”

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