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Paving stones Sawn and Split

The sawn-chopped granite paving stone has four sawn sides, the upper and lower sides are chipped. Due to the smooth sides, a high quality of laying is achieved with minimal seams – no more than 5 mm. And the chipped upper side provides good slip resistance, which is important in the autumn-winter period. Granite sawn-chopped paving stones are much cheaper than full-sawn counterparts of the same thickness. The most used format of sawn-split paving stones is 10×10 cm with a thickness of 5 cm. This format allows the use of a non-rigid base (without a concrete screed) even in areas intended for the passage of vehicles.

Sawn-split paving stone with chipped top

The very name of this paving stone indicates that initially the stone is sawn and then pricked. Most often, granite blocks are used for such paving stones. However, gabbro and basalt are also in great demand for this type of paving.

Application design

How granite paving stones are made with smooth edges and chipped top

Initially, massive stone blocks are placed on stone-cutting machines with large diamond discs (up to 3 meters in diameter). There they are cut into slabs 20 or 10 centimeters thick. Further, these rather heavy plates are placed on multi-blade saws of a relatively small diameter – up to 60 centimeters. And already on these machines, a billet with a rectangular section of 20×10 cm is sawn out of 20 cm slabs. From 10 cm slabs, respectively, a “bar” with dimensions of 10×10 cm. cm and 20×10 cm.

The main advantages of paving stones with sawn sides and chipped top

  • Due to the fact that the workpieces already have even edges before the transverse splitting, each stone is obtained with the most even surface. The almost complete absence of sharp corners on the front surface, unlike full-cut paving stones, makes it very comfortable for landscaping the local area. It is pleasant to walk on such stone paving even barefoot.
  • The price of sawn-chopped granite paving stones is much less than full-sawn counterparts. In the photo below you can compare the smoothness of the surface of sawn-chopped basalt paving stones and heat-treated:

It is possible to produce relatively “thin” paving stones. If for completely split granite paving stones the minimum possible thickness is 5 cm, then for sawn-split stone blocks this threshold is reduced to 4 centimeters. This also has a positive effect on reducing the price of products, taking into account delivery.


The specifics of the installation of granite paving stones with smooth edges

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the very narrow, almost imperceptible seams between the stones. This also adds comfort when walking on such paving. Such natural paving stones are just as easy to install as ordinary cement ones! Only after installation it lasts much longer.
  2. Second: gutters should be provided. Since the seams are very small, when it rains, water will not have time to escape between the seams, as when using fully split paving stones.
  3. Third: it is better to use a rigid concrete base. At least 5-7 centimeters thick. This will save you from deformation and washing out of the base from under the paving stones. And will provide smooth, delicious paving for years to come. At the same time, it is advisable to lay the stones themselves in a dry cement-sand mixture. Seeded sand, necessarily without clay, is 3 parts of the mixture. Cement – 1 part.

Sawn-chopped paving stone with sawn top

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Examples of sawn-split paving stones

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