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Natural stone

Decorative natural stone for facing works is mined in Ukraine in many areas. This is due to the fact that the Ukrainian Crystalline Shield stretches from the North-West to the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov. Quarries of highly decorative natural stone begin in the Rivne region. There we find absolutely black basalt. This is followed by a region with numerous quarries of Granite, Gabbro and Labradorite – Zhytomyr region. Note that the most famous Monument in Moscow, the one on Red Square, is made of black and red Ukrainian stone. Below, we offer you to get acquainted with the prices for slabs with a thickness of 2 and 3 cm, and a height of 70 cm. If you plan to replenish the stock of natural stone, then there is no need to order a whole machine of one type. We can make a delivery batch from several types. A 22 ton machine can hold 270 m2 of slabs 3 cm thick, or 400 m2 of stone slabs 2 cm thick. We pack 25-35 m2 in one bundle. Those. in one machine you can get 5 – 8 types of stone.

Natural stone – granite

Very often any decorative stone is called granite. We tend to believe that this is due to the positive attitude of most people towards historical figures, “hard as granite”! For this reason, we also did not show academic tediousness, and placed natural stones in this section: Gabbro and Basalt, with a note that this is not granite.

Yellow granite – Skifiya Gold

Yellow natural Ukrainian granite - Skifiya Gold

Green granite – Green Flower

Green natural Ukrainian granite - Green Flower

Brown granite – Star of Ukraine

Brown natural Ukrainian granite - Star of Ukraine

Dark gray granite – Pantera Gray

Dark gray natural Ukrainian granite - Pantera Gray

Green granite – Verde Olive

Green natural Ukrainian granite - Verde Olive

Taupe granite – Leopard

Taupe natural Ukrainian granite - Leopard

Orange granite – Rosso Toledo

Orange natural Ukrainian granite - Rosso Toledo

Red granite – Maroon Black

Light Red natural Ukrainian granite - Maroon Black

Natural stone – labradorite

Labradorite is a stone consisting of natural, natural glass. Colors are given to it by various non-organic impurities, which are absolutely lightfast. Unlike granite, labradorite has the property of internal reflection of light – iridescence. These are exactly those “blue eyes” that everyone so admires in this natural stone.

Labradorite – Volga Blue

Black-blue-Ukrainian labradorite - Volga Blue

Labradorite – Irina Blue

Gray-green Ukrainian labradorite - Irina Blue

Labradorite – Galactic Blue

Gray-blue Ukrainian labradorite - Galactic Blue

Natural stone – sandstone

Sandstone is usually a light-colored stone. It is a sand pressed under the influence of temperature from the center of the earth and the upper rocks. When cutting and assembling this stone, we noticed several amazing properties. When enough water is absorbed (blocks are cut with water), this stone becomes somewhat flexible. Its thin strips are able to bend without breaking. And the second – over time, already mounted facades made of this natural stone become very durable, and almost do not absorb water. Perhaps that is why European sandstone castles outlived their owners for thousands of years!

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