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Granite curbs

To ensure the safety of pedestrians from wheeled horse-drawn vehicles, for the first time, high side rails, curbs and curbs began to be used on the paved roads of ancient Rome, separating sidewalks and the roadway on city streets. Only from the end of the 13th century did these constructions begin to be used on the territory of Kievan Rus.

After the beginning of the use of asphalt for road construction in the 20th century, in addition to the protective one, curbs and curbs began to perform a second function, limiting the perimeter of the asphalt roadbed and sidewalks. For the manufacture of curb fences, the era of using reinforced concrete curbs in ordinary construction of urban roads began, which significantly reduced their cost, but also their service life (up to 10 years).

Flamed Kerb

Sawn Curbs

Polished Curbstone

The main materials from which curbstones are made are natural stone and concrete, brick, steel, plastics and wood are less commonly used.

Road building envelopes in the modern world are of great importance in ensuring safety and preventing accidents, in addition, they have an ergonomic function in the design of landscape gardening infrastructures, landscaping of adjacent territories, squares, etc.

Modern design, the construction of roads is not complete without contour elements in the form of enclosing elements.

Comparison of natural and artificial enclosing elements

Control parametersMaterials
Natural stone (granite, basalt, labradorite, sandstone)Concrete (cement-sand mortar)
Preparation methodBlanks are obtained by drilling and blasting way, sawingVibroforming method
Hardness, strengthHighLow
Durability300–500 yearsup to 10 years
Heat resistanceHigh durabilityLow durability
The effect of “aging”NoThere is
ManufacturabilityComplex processingSimple technology. Vibroforming, no processing
CareHigh pressure washingWeakly washable (porous structure)
DiscolorationMissingSubject to fading (loss of color on colored products)
ColorWide paletteMostly shades of gray

The most durable, durable with a wide range of colors, curb enclosing elements GP, GPE and GR. The main parameters are laid down in the marking:

  • «G» – granite stone;
  • «P» – rectangular;
  • «R» – round;
  • «E» entrance, (special), for driving onto sidewalks.

According to the functional purpose, the enclosing stones are defined as:

  • «SIDEWAY» or «GARDEN» – GP-4 and GP-5, is used as a functional and decorative fence when arranging footpaths, outlining flower beds near the house, in squares, parks.
  • «MAGISTRAL» – GP-2 and GP-3. The main purpose is to protect the roadway.
  • «ROAD» – GP-1, separation of the carriageway of roads from sidewalks in the city and beyond.

According to the manufacturing technology and surface treatment method, curbstones are divided into:

  • chipped – made by crushing with embossed surfaces under the “living stone”. Are applied to GP-1, GP-4, GP-5;
  • sawn – obtained by simple sawing of granite blocks, with the formation of smooth, matte, rough surfaces. Used for GP-1; 2; 3;
  • polished – a smooth shiny surface is attached after giving the desired shape. For a more contrasting manifestation of the color and texture of the stone, it is covered with a solution. For curbs such as GP-1, GP-5. used as an addition to the general style of building decoration.
  • with gloss – processing of the finished product with a grinding abrasive, a smooth matte surface is formed;
  • bush-hammered – surfaces treated with a special tool by bush hammer. The end, working part of the bush hammer has the form of many stars. Impact on the polished surface, show the grain of the stone, make the surface anti-skid;
  • heat-treated – used in the manufacture of enclosing stones with the function of decorative elements in the general ensemble. Such products receive an additional advantage, increased safety – the surface becomes rough, suitable for movement on them without the danger of slipping.

Note: on all railings GP, GR, it is possible to chamfer 450 on the front side, – increasing the safety of pedestrians (no sharp corners); aesthetic improvement.

The technology and method of processing natural stones significantly affect its cost and ergonomics. Marking and main parameters of curb fences made of natural stone are given in the Table.

MarkingClassificationFunctional purposePreparation methodDimensions, mm (height x width)Note
GP-1ROADContours of lawns, paths, sidewalks, alleyssawn, chipped, polished300х150
GP-2MAGISTRALRampways, roadbed fencing in tunnelssawn, chipped400х180
GP-3― ″ ―Protection of the road from the sidewalk on the streets, bridges, flyovers― ″ ―600х200
GP-4PAVEMENT, GARDENContouring, footpaths, sidewalks, lawns, flowerbedssawn, chipped, polished, heat-treated, glossy, bush-hammered200х100Without chamfer
GP-5― ″ ―― ″ ―― ″ ―200х80― ″ ― The most popular
GPE (special)ROADEntrances to the sidewalk from the carriagewaysawn, chipped200х150Chamfer 10mm
GR-5 (round)ROAD, PAVEMENT, GARDENRounding Devicesawn, chipped, polished, heat-treated, glossy, bush-hammered300х150, R=500мм
GR-8 (round)― ″ ―― ″ ―― ″ ―300х150, R=800мм

Note: it is possible to manufacture by our specialists on an individual order. We are ready to provide your order with products according to European standards 150×150 XL, etc.

We offer a wide range of mineral enclosing elements. Their cost depends both on the manufacturing technology and on the source of the blanks.

Budget, – “sawing”, and a chipped enclosing stone, – the main border of the GP-1.

Expensive curb fencing – polished, used for sidewalk and road curbs GP-1 and GP-5.

The average cost is for those that have undergone heat treatment to obtain an anti-slip effect.

It should be remembered that gabbro and Pokostovsky granite are cheaper, more expensive – from the Maslavsky, Leznikovsky, Krupsky deposits.

Our cooperation with clients is formed on the basis of full satisfaction of your needs and wishes.

Application examples

The price for a granite curb GP-5 (20×8 cm with a chamfer of 10 mm)

Stone typePhotoFront surfacePrice, UAH
Heat treated22
Vasilyevsky granitePolished22.10
Heat treated19.50
Kapustinsky granitePolished23.9
Heat treated21.5
Heat treated17.5
Lukovets granitePolished22.10
Heat treated19.50
Pokostovsky granitePolished20.70
Heat treated18.10
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