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Natural granite split setts and cobblestone

Granite, as a rule, is called a wide class of natural stone setts and cobblestone, which are made of natural stone. This term includes, as well as stone setts from granite, and from Gabbro, Labradorite, Basalt and Sandstone. This is due to the fact that all these rocks have approximately the same density, hardness and low water absorption. In general, not only granite, but also many other natural stones are an excellent material for the manufacture of cobblestones for pavers patio and driveway. In this article we will try to answer the following questions as much as possible:
– Why does granite split with a split surface not absorb water?
– What affects the phenomenally high frost resistance of split granite cobblestone?

We’ll also reveal the “secret” – why, after decades, granite setts look much more attractive than ordinary cement paving tile.

Natural cobblestone from “Gabbro”

Red split paving stone from granite “Maple Red”

Natural split setts from granite Maple Red 10×10×10

Natural split setts from granite
Maple Red 10×10×10 cm

FCA: Zhytomyr – Ukraine: 24.5 EUR

Natural split setts from Maple Red 10×10×5

Natural split setts from
Maple Red 10×10×5 cm

FCA: Zhytomyr – Ukraine: 12.2 EUR

Natural split setts from granite Maple Red 20×10×10

Natural split setts from granite
Maple Red 20×10×10 cm

FCA: Zhytomyr – Ukraine: 26.3 EUR

Yellow-gray granite paving stone from granite “Skifiya Gold”

Red-black split paving stone from Maroon Black granite

Gray split paving stone from granite “Grey Ukraine”

Black split paving stone from Basalt

Laying of split paving stones

How to produce granite setts with all sides split?

Red granite pavers — Maroon Black 10x10x5At the beginning, stone blocks weighing from one to several tons come into production. To cut them into smaller blocks we use large stone hydraulic presses with a force up to 160 tons. Or they are cut with diamond blades of large diameter and water-cooled. It is necessary to have a lot of accompanying equipment: loaders or an overhead crane.

After the large blocks are divided into smaller ones – easily transportable, they are put on relatively small presses with the force of 10 – 40 tons. There the formation of natural split granite setts is made to the size of 10×10 cm and 5 cm thickness, or other sizes. The standard sizes of split stone setts that we produce to stock – are 10 * 10, 5 cm and 10 cm thickness. This is the most popular size, which is easy to install and combines perfectly in other colours granite setts.

How many square meters can we got from one ton natural split granite setts

Dark granite natural setts with sawn sides (Gabbro)So, would you convert ton of split setts to square meters by yourself, and in the end check your supplier, first of all, to start from density of granite. Its standard indicator is 2700 kg / m³, however, Gabbro and Basalt are more heavy stones – their density is 3000 kg / m³. The mass of one stone is 10 * 10 * 10 cm from granite of the “Pokostivske” deposit. So: 0.1m * 0.1m * 0.1m * 2700 kg / m³ = 2.7 kg – the mass of one sett stone.

Further: at install natural split stone setts, the distance between stones is minimum 1 cm. And that means, We can lay out only 9 stones pcs. Then –  1m² is 9 × 9 stones = 81 pcs.

So it turns out: 1m² is 81 stones * 2.7 kg = 219 kg.

Then in 1 ton: 1000/219 = 4.5 m² split light gray cobblestone from “Pokostivske” granite deposit.

Due to the higher density –  Gabbro cobblestones 10 * 10 * 10cm in one ton will be less – about 4 m². More technical information – in table below:

Characteristics and cost of black split setts stone – Gabbro

SizePcs in 1m² Quantity
² in 1 ton
Cost eur/m² FCA Ukraine
Setts stone 10*10*5819,17.9 EUR
Setts stone 10*10*10814,615.8 EUR
Setts stone 5*5*528910,38.2 EUR
Setts stone 7*7*71696,411 EUR
Cobblestone 20*10*10454,118.9 EUR
Cobblestone 20*20*20241,942 EUR

Delivery and packaging of setts and cobblestones with all-sides splitted.

Split-stone-setts packed in big bagsAfter the final sizes are formed, split stone setts are poured into big bags of 1-1.5 tons each. Control weighing is carried out, we sign the mass of each bag – and send it to the warehouse. Full loading tuck with gray granite setts of the “Pokostivske” deposit, the size 10 * 10 * 5 cm will consist of approximately 20 big bags. At the same time, a party of weight 22 tons will gain about 190 – 200 m² of products. These same 22 tons, but cobblestones thickness of 10 cm will contain 90 – 100 m². And this means that the delivery and packaging of paving stones in 10 * 10 * 10 size will cost 2 times more than a similar one, 5 cm thick!

The price you can buy split stone setts black or red granite?

And again, dry numbers, and sober calculation! For example, you have decided about the color of the cobblestones – black, and want to buy it 10 cm thickness, in the amount of 600 m². But you are doubtful that this is the optimal decision. Compare with stone setts 5 cm thick. We will operate with current prices:

  1. Black cobblestones 10 * 10 * 10 – costs 15.8 eur / m², 600 m² – are 67 tons (3 cars, 22 tons each)
  2. The price of black stone setts – size 10 * 10 * 5 – 7.9 eur / m², 600 m² – 34 tons (1 machine in 22 tons + 12 tons)

For example, we calculate the delivery from our production in the Zhytomyr region (in Ukraine) to London the UK, and this is 2400 km. For example, we take the cost of transportation for a car of 22 tons – 1.5 eur/km.

Then the options for the price of paving stones with delivery to the UK:

  1. For size 10 * 10 * 10: 600 m² * 15.8 eur / m² = 9480 eur, delivery – 3 cars. * 2400km * 1, 5 eur / km = 10 800 eur. Total cost with delivery at your address in London (without VAT) – 20 280 eur.
  2. 10 * 10 * 5: 600 m² * 7.9 eur / m² = 4740 eur, delivery – 1.5 cars * 2400km * 1, 5 eur / km = 5400 eur.  Total price on terms of delivery DAP London, – 10 140 eur.

The choice is yours!

What are the standard sizes of split setts?

The main size of setts, which are always in stock, is 10×10 cm, 10 cm and 5 cm thick. The size 5×5×5 cm is produced exclusively as a by-product when we make the main product – size 10×10 cm. The remaining sizes are 20×10 cm and others are made exclusively for a specific order.

We also note, that cobblestones are made with an accuracy of +/- 10 mm. This means that in the batch of setts – size 10×10×5cm there will be stones from 4 cm to 6 cm thick, and the upper sizes will be in the range of 9 – 11 cm. This regulates the European standard for stone products – EN 1469.

However, if your goal is to get the granite pavers from natural split setts with very smooth seams between stones, then we can offer you cut-split granite setts. Its very name speaks of how it is produced. At the beginning, we cut out a square rod with a section of 10×10 cm from a stone block. Then it is split across, with a thickness of 5 cm. The edges of this stone are absolutely even, and the top and bottom are natural splitted.

Natural split stone setts, in accordance with the EN 1469 standard, with delivery anywhere in Europe.

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