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Tumbled paving stones “old town”

Granite paving stones are one of the most demanded and popular materials for the construction and paving of roads, sidewalks, squares. It has been used for several centuries in many European countries, and the consistency of the material, its practicality and durability does not cause any complaints.

Granite pavers are able to withstand the highest loads without compromising functionality and loss of aesthetic appearance. The last factor is quite important, many European capitals (Prague, Vienna and others) choose not traditional asphalt as the main coating in old areas, but authentic paving stones, from which it “breathes” with antiquity.

Today, there are many types of paving stones – chipped, sawn, chipped-sawn, each of which differs in appearance and has its own styling features. Recently, галтованный камень has gained particular popularity – paving stones with rounded edges.

Stone blocks tumbled from granite

How paving stones “old town” are made

In order for stone blocks granite tumbled to please you with its appearance and functional features, it is necessary to “prepare” it correctly. Chipped granite paving stones are used as a base, the dimensions of which are selected based on your needs.

Most often, options are chosen 10x10x10 or 10x10x5 cm. The source material is placed in a kind of “concrete mixer” –tumbling drum, which rotates at a certain speed. As a result of the interaction between each other, each element of the paving stone is rounded (sharp edges and corners are cut off), resulting in a rounded stone.

How to use granite tumbled paving stones

As noted above, tumbled paving stones are made from:

Tumbled paving stones "Sofiyivka"

Fully split paving stones (all edges are chipped) – all edges and sharp corners are rounded, the paving stones acquire a smoother surface. When laying such paving stones, we get a surface on which it is comfortable to walk.

Fully sawn paving stones (all edges are sawn, even) – all edges are rounded and become smoothed. We get an almost perfect surface of paving stones, on which you can walk and ride with virtually no shaking.

Paving stone basalt black (sawn-chipped)

Sawn-chipped paving stones. There are two options here: with sawn side edges and chipped top and bottom, or sawn top and bottom and chipped side edges. A universal option for walking tourists and traffic.

These paving stones are used both for laying new road bases and for restoring old pavements. The material will be an excellent option for your country house or garden plot, as well as for city streets and squares with a glorious long history.

Why tumbled granite paving stones are called “old town”

The name “old town” was given to the material because of its resemblance to paving stones, which can be found in many European cities with a long history. If you have been to Lviv, Budapest, Berlin, then you have probably paid attention to the unique color of the old streets and squares near the municipal town halls, one of the main components of which is road paving stones.

Stone blocks tumbled granite (buy)
Tumbled granite paving stones

Variety of colors

Брусчатка «старый город» has a fairly wide range of colors. Depending on the type of source material, you can get the most popular and popular colors of the laid stone.

The main possible colors of granite paving stones offered by our company are:

  • Yellow with black blotches from natural granite Skifiya Gold;
Tumbled paving stones "Sofiyivka"
Tumbled paving stones Sofiyivska
  • Yellow-beige – from Ukrainian sandstone;
  • Black with pink areas – from Karmin granite;
Dark tumbled stone blocks
Granite stone blocks tumbled dark

  • Red is from Maroon Black natural granite and so on.
Red tumbled paving stone
Granite tumbled pavers red

The company’s specialists constantly monitor consumer demand, offering colors and shades of paving stones that are in demand on the market. We use both natural materials and our own technologies to obtain a high-quality product with rich color.

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