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Physical and technical properties of stone Basalt
Density and volumetric weight3000 kg/m³
Water absorption0,06-1,8%
Compressive strength150-250 MPa
Flexural strength55 MPa
Abrasion0.5 g/cm²
Commercial nameBasalt
Place of birthIvano-Dolinskoe
Quarry locationUkraine, Rivne region
Stone typeBasalt
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished46 EUR/m²

Basalt stone products

Split granite stone
Paving stone sawn and split
Sawn paving stone
Granire curbs

Split granite paving stone

Paving stones sawn and split

Sawn paving stone

Granite curbs



Basalt from Ukrainian quarries

Yes, it is not from one, but from several basalt quarries that we bring blocks to our production. There are quarries that mine blocks exclusively for paving stones. Basalt raw materials for sawn and polished products are much more expensive.

How does basalt occur in nature?

In order to understand why basalt has such a bizarre hexagonal shape, you need to know how this stone was formed. Basalt is a very quickly cooled igneous rock, which was formed during the eruption of liquid, hot magma directly into the water – into the sea or ocean.

Today, hexagonal basalt crystals lie under a massive layer of soil. The length of such natural columns can reach 6 meters in length. However, such blocks are not large in diameter. The maximum height of basalt slabs that we have dealt with is 70 cm.

What do we make from Basalt?

Slabs of this amazing stone make beautiful black basalt countertops. This hexagonal shape of basalt blocks can be excellently used in landscape design. If they are cut not along, but across – as if cutting a sausage into rings, then excellent paving slabs of basalt will come out. Their perimeter is not regular – along the side surface of the block, but this is the whole point! When paving with such slabs, the gaps between them are left for green grass – very impressive.

An excellent and elegant material is also fully sawn basalt paving stones. We produce it with a thickness of 5 and 3 centimeters. Five-centimeter basalt can be laid on a dynamic (not rigid) base of granotsev. Basalt paving stones 3 cm thick definitely need a concrete base. However, in our opinion, sawn-chopped basalt paving stones are the most elegant. Its top is sawn and heat-treated, the sides are chipped. The view when laying is fantastic: you get the charm of an old European city (due to the torn seam) and an absolutely flat and pleasant to walk surface.

Basalt kitchen countertop

Basalt sink

How else can basalt be processed?

  • heat-treated basalt – steps, paving stones, interior tiles and paving slabs are made from it;
  • split basalt is a facade tile (straw), paving stones of various types, a chamfer on products can also be chopped, facade slabs are rock;
  • polished basalt – floor tiles, window sills, stairs, countertops;
  • polished basalt is the same color as polished, but not as slippery and without shine. For this reason, all of the above products are made from it.
Basalt blocks

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