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Labradorite: natural stone

Labradorite – Volga Blue

Texture of Ukrainian labradorite Volga Blue

Labradorite – Irina Blue

Texture of Ukrainian labradorite Irina Blue

Labradorite Optima Black

Texture of Ukrainian labradorite  Optima Black

What is labradorite?

The unique natural crystal labradorite refers to minerals of the igneous type. It is one of the representatives of the group of semi-precious stones. There are more than 10 quarries in Ukraine that produce labradorite. It is at these enterprises that we can buy blocks of labradorite for the manufacture of your products from this stone.

Slab of labradorite

Distinctive features of the mineral are its magnificent appearance, a wide range of shades from dark green through blue to black. Such decorative properties allowed the stone to find the widest application in modern architecture, construction, and landscape design.

We work with the following block labradorite quarries:

  • Kamennobrodsky and Osnykovsky labradorite — Irina Blue;
  • Severo-Osnykovsky labradorite — Volga Blue;
  • Neverovskoye labradorite deposit;
  • Upper Luga labradorite quarry;
  • Fine-grained labradorite — Optima Black;
  • Katerynovsky labradorite — Galaxy Light.

История украинского лабрадорита

Ukrainian labradorite Volga Blue

In our country, the labrador stone has been known since the Middle Ages. In Kievan Rus, it was called the “eye of the peacock” or “eye of the firebird”, the popular name “wonderful stone” is also known. For the first time, it began to be used in facing and decorating temples and cathedrals as early as the 9th-10th century. In particular, the mineral was used to create a mosaic on the altar of the Church of the Tithes, and the tomb of the son of the Kyiv prince Vladimir Monomakh was completely made of it.

Subsequently, there is some lull – labradorite was not used so actively due to the limited explored deposits of this mineral. In the 19th century, the richest deposits of the mineral were discovered in several provinces near Kyiv, Volyn and Kherson, which marked a new round of consumer interest in labradorite.

Ukrainian labradorite Irina Blue

Labradorite began to be used in large volumes in facing works, in the construction of monumental and religious buildings, monuments, and so on. Exports to European countries increased sharply – the mineral was ordered to France, Italy, Austria and Russia.

This is easily explained, because labrador stone, which many foreign customers seek to buy, is distinguished by its unique aesthetics. This mineral is able to create a unique optical effect, in which multi-colored spots begin to flicker on a polished surface at different angles of incidence of light.

Physical and mechanical characteristics

The properties of Ukrainian labradorite from various deposits are approximately the same:

  • The specific gravity is 2815 kg/m³;
  • Moisture absorption – less than 0.1%;
  • Compressive strength – 180 MPa.

The mineral composition includes plagioclase – from 70 to 94%, olivine – from 5 to 15% and other components.

Environmental friendliness of Ukrainian labradorite

We buy in Ukrainian quarries only those labradorite blocks that have a first level radiation safety certificate. All deposits with which our company cooperates are certified, because have been fully inspected and tested for compliance with regulatory radiation safety standards.

Labradorite is a first-class mineral, which makes it possible to use it for both external and internal decoration of buildings and structures of all types. The benefits of labradorite have long been known:

  • Simplicity of polishing to a mirror shine, thanks to which labradorite can be used in different ways: countertops, window sills, bar counters, stairs, cornices are a small part of products based on it;
  • Resistance to any external influence and preservation of properties in a wide temperature range;
  • Highest strength, wear resistance;
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Minimum water absorption.

Where is it used?

Labradorite is a crystal that can be used for a variety of types of finishing work. As noted above, magnificent countertops, window sills and cornices are obtained from it, the mineral is excellent for the manufacture of floors and stairs, as it is practically indestructible.

Monuments made of labradorite are distinguished by their monumentality and durability, and the largest buildings and structures around the world are trimmed with facade slabs of this mineral. The stone can be used for the manufacture of fountains and pools, as well as for the arrangement of artificial reservoirs. Very often it is used for interior decoration.

Variants of products from labradorite

One of the highlights of your unique interior can be a bar counter. The polished surface not only emphasizes the iridescence of the crystals, but also creates the effect of color depth and allows the light to highlight the beauty of the labradorite structure.

Labradorite can also be used to make window sills. Such products will harmoniously fit into any interior, and the unique deep color goes well with any color of window frames – both light and dark.

If you want to produce just a “wow effect” on your guests, then the countertop-sill option will help you with this. The smooth transition of the window sill into the kitchen worktop will visually expand the space by the window, thereby adding coziness and comfort to the entire kitchen.

Delivery of finished products from Ukrainian labradorite is carried out with the help of various transport companies. The product is firmly attached to the racks, fixed and in this form (as shown in the photo below) is delivered to the facility anywhere in Ukraine.

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