Grey granite setts, cut sides, split top 100×100×50 mm - Grey Ukraine - GRANEX

Grey granite setts, cut sides, split top 100×100×50 mm – Grey Ukraine


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Granite from the Pokostovsky deposit is often called Pokostovka. This “nickname” appeared because the extraction of this stone takes place near the village of Pokostovka, Zhytomyr district, Zhytomyr region. Paving stone from this granite has a universal light gray color. Compared to fully split paving stones, sawn-split paving stones from Pokostovsky granite are made with all sawn sides. The upper and lower planes of each pavers have a rock texture. Paving stones, which are produced in this way, are called “from a pencil.” The name comes from the manufacturing process. At the very beginning, blocks of gray granite are sawn on stone-cutting milling machines into slabs 10 cm thick. After that, these slabs are moved to multi-blade saws with smaller diamond blades. As a result, we get long granite pencils with a section of 10×10 cm. Subsequently, we repeatedly split these blanks across on hydraulic presses. It is precisely because the press knives are much more evenly adjacent to the sawn surface that the front chip of each paving stone comes out very even.

As a result of all of the above, sawn-split paving stones have many advantages compared to full-split paving stones:

  • Sawn-split granite paving stones are much smoother;
  • The sides are absolutely smooth – this ensures a straight seam;
  • The stitching seams are perfectly even.
Product type Granite pavers
Stone type Grey Ukraine
Color Grey
Thickness 50 mm
Format 100×100 mm
Front surface chipped
Side surface sawn
Bottom chipped
Laying seam 3-5 mm
Quantity in 1 m2 95 pcs
Weight 1 m2 130 kg
Package pallet of 1-1.5 tons
For one car 22 tons 170 m2

Laying gray sawn-split granite paving stones 100x100x50mm

In fact, we have only two ways to install paving stones: on a static, waterproof base and on a dynamic, draining base. A rigid, concrete base is used on sites with a constant significant load, or on narrow paths. With a paving width of up to 4 meters, the destruction of the edge of the pavement path will be unambiguous if concrete is not used. Drainage – drainage bases are used for large spaces where it is difficult to make drainage channels.



100×100 mm



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