Polished Labradorite parking hemispheres, 40 cm diameter - GRANEX

Polished Labradorite parking hemispheres, 40 cm diameter


Type of natural stone Labradorite
Processing type polished
Hemisphere height 200 mm
Hemisphere diameter 400 mm
Weight of one hemisphere 90 kg
Package pallets

Labradorite decorative parking fence is a beautiful and practical element in the urban landscape. In addition to the aesthetic side, they protect selected areas from the entry and exit of cars from the roadway. Road hemispheres are made of natural marble or granite, resistant to external influences. Has an amazing look. Does not require painting and maintenance, does not collapse over time (like concrete), looks very attractive.

Installation of Labradorite hemispheres is possible on any surface: concrete, paving slabs, marble, granite, asphalt, soil, lawn. The height of the granite hemisphere allows fire engines and cleaning equipment of public utilities to pass freely. The hemisphere shape has no corners and is therefore suitable for installation near playgrounds.



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