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Polished tile from stone Basalt 600x400x20 mm


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Polished tile 60×40 cm 2 cm thick made of Basalt stone is a natural facing material that perfectly copes with increased abrasive load in public buildings and freeze-thaw cycles on facades. At the same time, it brings a unique aesthetics to the surrounding architectural space.

Are you planning to buy a black polished 600x400x20 tile? We tried to show in as much detail as possible how it can be used for exterior cladding of building facades, sidewalk paths, terraces, as well as in interior decoration.

Examples of the use of stone tiles made of Basalt stone:

  1. Staircase cladding indoors. The tread is tiled 600x400x20. Riser – the same tile, only sawn into components: the height of the riser varies from 100 to 150 mm. Both polished and matte polished tiles are used. The smooth polished surface reveals all the beauty of the stone and makes the interior even more attractive.
    To cover one step of an internal staircase with a width of 120 cm, you will need only 3 tiles measuring 600x400x20 mm. Two per step and one per riser.
  2. Laying the floor with stone polished tiles 600x400x20. It is this stone that is suitable for rooms in soothing colors, this tile will emphasize all the severity and delicacy in the interior. It can be used in hallways, kitchens and even bathrooms.
  3. Facing the basement of the building and the ebb – the outer window sill of the same type of stone tiles.

You can tile the plinth of your house with natural stone tiles 600x400x20, laying it just joint to joint (with a minimum joint of 1.5 mm). And to give even more grace and sophistication to the exterior, you can make a chamfer at 45 °, 3–5 mm along the long side. So the seams will look much more attractive. In turn, for the installation of a window sill, you will need the same tile, which can be cut into parts 100–150 mm wide, while creating several window sills. So that they are not inferior to the plinth of the building in elegance, they can also be provided with a figured chamfer.

These examples are only a small part of what could be said about tiles and how to lay them. You can ennoble not only the house with stone tiles, but also the yard, patio and even revet the fence.

How is polished tiles produced?
Polishing is a mechanical process that uses diamond polishing wheels and abrasive powders. As a result, the stone acquires a mirror shine. At the same time, the depth of the pattern of natural stone is fully revealed.

Benefits of polished basalt stone tiles:

  • strength: 2 cm thick granite withstands significantly more pressure than 1 cm porcelain stoneware;
  • resistance to temperature extremes: low water absorption of basalt makes tiles from it frost-resistant;
  • ease of care: it is washed and swept like ordinary ceramics.


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