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Sawn paving stone from Kapustinsky granite (20×10×3 cm)



Granite paving stones of the Kapustinskoye deposit have a long service life. This material has a high density. It is practically insensitive to various temperature changes and precipitation. Kapustinsky granite is known for its strength, therefore it is practically not deformable under the influence of vibration or prolonged load. Sawn paving stones are practically indestructible from interaction with chemical elements – and this only prolongs the service life.

Paving stone from Kapustinsky granite has all the characteristics of a stone. Therefore, in addition to the excellent appearance and smooth surface, I would like to emphasize other features:

  • long service life – laying from granite paving stones will please the eye for decades without any repair or restoration;
  • resistance to moisture, acids, mechanical stress, ultraviolet radiation;
  • paving stones are not damaged by rot, fungus;
  • water resistance – which also provides resistance to cracking during frosts;
  • ease of installation and dismantling if necessary;
  • affordable cost, which is achieved due to the use of Ukrainian material.

How to lay sawn paving stone from Kapustinsky granite

Sawn paving stones from Kapustinsky granite can be laid without a cement base. In this regard, the surface will not retain moisture, but pass directly into the soil. Suitable for paving perfectly flat areas: sidewalks, recreation areas, parking spaces, garden and park paths. It fits almost closely, almost without forming gaps, creating interesting patterns in the form of arcs, circles, triangles and zigzags. When laying paving stones along the perimeter of the building, it is advisable to leave a strip of lawn, fill this gap with marble chips, or granite chips of any black or gray shade. This will save the coatings during dismantling, reconstruction or repair of the house and will create a more attractive atmosphere of the territory.

Granite paving stones of the Kapustinskoye deposit can be laid on a pebble pillow or a concrete base. The first option is suitable for garden paths, patios and other places that do not experience increased mechanical stress. Driveways and parking spaces for cars are best created on a durable and wear-resistant concrete substrate.

What is combined with sawn paving stone from Kapustinsky granite

Kapustinsky granite itself has such a unique and attractive appearance that paving stones from it will decorate any piece of land without any addition. At the same time, it allows you to fantasize with patterns and combinations, thereby creating whole works of art. You can combine it with large slabs of black or gray stone, with chipped, tumbled or sawn-split paving stones from the same granite. The use of paving stones from the Kapustinskoe field can only indicate the presence of good taste. There are many schemes for laying sawn pavers, many of which you can find on our website.



20×10 cm, 200×100 mm




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