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Sawn-split paving stone from black Gabbro stone (10×10×10 cm)



Compared to full-cut, sawn-split Gabbro pavers have 4 sawn sides. The top and bottom of each stone has a natural chipped texture. Such paving stones are also called “made from a pencil.” The name comes from the technological process of production. Initially, Gabbro blocks are sawn on large sawing machines into 10 cm thick slabs. Then, these slabs are fed to multi-disc stone cutting machines, with smaller diameter saws. At the output, we get long rods, with a section of 10×10 cm – the so-called pencils. Then we prick these blanks on a hydraulic press. Due to the fact that the press knives fit more closely to the surface of the stone, the chipping of each paving stone comes out more even.

As a result, we get several advantages at once, compared with chopped paving stones:

  • Sawn-split paving stone has a more even surface;
  • The sides are absolutely even, which ensures the evenness of the seams;
  • Seams when laying come out thinner and neater.
Product type Paving stones
Stone type Gabbro
Color Black
Thickness 100 mm
Format 100×100 mm
Front surface chipped
Side surface sawn
Bottom chipped
Laying seam 5-10 mm
Quantity in 1 m2 91 pcs
Weight 1 m2 330 kg
Package big bags of 1-1.5 tons
For one car 22 tons 65 m2


100×100 mm



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