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Tumbled stone setts — black Gabbro 100x100x50 mm


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A very common and elegant type of common paving slabs is the “Old Town” design. Such tiles imitate old granite paving stones that have been lying on the pavement for centuries. Unfortunately, cement paving stones can only repeat the shape, but not the durability of a real stone pavement. We produce real granite paving stones — the Old City. Using the tumbling technology, each stone gets a shape similar to a sea pebbles.

We produce such tumbled sawn-splitted Gabbro setts stones, 100×100 mm in size and 50 mm thick with absolutely smooth edges in three stages:

  • initial cutting of a stone block into kernels, with a section of 100×100 mm;
  • at the second stage, transverse splitting to a thickness of 5 cm;
  • the last treatment is tumbling in a large steel drum.

Such setts stones have no sharp corners and edges at all! It is especially pleasant to walk on it barefoot. Another excellent property — natural setts stones do not fade in the sun and never lose their color!!!

Product Tumbled paving stones
Type of stone Gabbro
Colour Black, Dark Grey
Thikness, mm 50
Size, mm 100×100
Face split
Edge sawn
Bottom split
Laid, Install 5 mm joint
Quantity of pcs in 1 m² 91
Weight of 1 m², kg 137
Packing big bag 1-1,5 tons
m² in one truck 22 t. 160

Paving with tumbled stone setts 10х10х5 cm from gabbro

Tumbled stone setts from black stone gabbro
Laying of tumbled stone setts from gabbro stone
Paving with tumbled stone setts from gabbro stone


10×10 cm




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