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Pokostovsky granite in the interior

The cost of the stairs is 128 euros per m²

There is, in our opinion, an absolutely unfair stereotype that gray Pokostovsky granite is exclusively a material for the street. Throughout our work, we successfully break such unjustified stereotypes. It was by the implementation of this project that we proved that the very common gray granite is an excellent solution for the interior, especially in combination with wood!

Pokostovsky granite – extremely affordable and very aesthetically pleasing

The initial task that we faced on this project, as it is now fashionable, was to make it budget and beautiful. Naturally, in order to achieve the most comfortable price, it is necessary to use a stone from Ukrainian deposits. From a huge variety of Ukrainian granite, you can buy Pokostovsky granite at the best price. However, this does not implore its aesthetic qualities. On the contrary, as it turned out, it goes well with light natural wood. To achieve the best price, we have replaced all complex chamfers with a simple radius chamfer with a polished end. Red Zhadkovsky (Koretsky) granite inserts were used to decorate the gray stone floor. It has become an excellent decoration both in the corridor and on the interfloor areas.

Pokostovsky granite for flooring. Reflection of a window on a granite floor.
Pokostovsky gray granite for interior cladding. Reflection of the window on the steps.

What we did not do to reduce the cost of the project

Very often we hear a question from our customers: how can you make a stone countertop or staircase even cheaper? It is very unfortunate to see the result of the price of the product prevailing over the quality. Therefore, we focus on what we do not do at all, and what we did not go for in this project:

  • The visible ends of the risers are polished, with a 2 mm chamfer. We didn’t just leave them sawn, as is often done on overpriced properties.
  • The lower edge of each step is chamfered in order to remove the chips that inevitably occur when edging the granite. This operation is very often neglected, getting an absolutely “raw” look, especially giving out excessive savings when walking from the bottom up.
  • The visible edge of the landing is lined with 3 cm thick slabs. To ensure the same thickness of the visible end, at the junction of the step and the granite tile, we used plates with polished ends, 3 cm thick.
Staircase made of Pokostovsky granite, made in Odessa, Ukraine (view from below)
Staircase from Pokostovsky granite in the shade, made in Odessa (view from below)
Pokostovsky granite staircase made in Odessa, Ukraine (side view)

The price of an interior staircase made of Pokostovsky granite

In this project were used:

  • step made of granite 30 mm thick – 20 pcs (including one according to the pattern);
  • granite riser 20 mm – 20 pieces;
  • granite tiles of the Pokostovsky deposit – 9 m²;
  • strips of Koretsky red granite – 1.4 m².

Facing of this staircase was carried out under a contract, with a guarantee for 3 years. The price includes the cost of installation work, granite, building materials, measurements, design and logistics costs.

The cost of one m² of such stairs was 128 €. That is how much, or more expensive, is 1 m² of marble in the workpiece. And using Ukrainian granite for the same money you can get a finished stone staircase!

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