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Entrance staircase made of Tokovsky granite

Staircase made of red granite "Tokovsky"

The stairs to the house should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. The use of finishing materials from the granite of the Tokovskoye deposit fully satisfies these two requirements. For the implementation of the project, a set of parts made of Carpazi granite was used, which includes:

Step 2080x350x307
Riser 700x150x2021
Tile 600x300x202
Boot 700x200x3021

Carpazi granite is mined on the territory of Ukraine in the village of Tokovka, hence its second name – Tokovsky granite. The territorial location of the quarry for the extraction of this mineral makes it not only an excellent material with excellent physical and mechanical characteristics, but also very economical to use. This condition made it possible to reduce the price for 1 m2 and achieve the following advantageous offer:

The cost of the 1st m2 of this project was – 114 euros.

The total cost of a set of parts without installation is 1297 euros.

The total volume of used granite is 11.38 m2.

One stone – two textures

In the production of flights of stairs, heat-treated boards are very often used. A product with such a surface has a matte and rough texture to the touch. Walking on treads with such a coating is safer than on a smooth, polished surface. After heat treatment, the color of the mineral becomes more whitish. The contrast of textures that occurs when using different technological processes for processing this stone is a good decorative technique.

Granite with such indicators was used by us in this flight of stairs project. The treads were heat-treated, while the soles and boot were designed with a glossy finish.

Decorative elements of stairs

Seams and chamfers are important decorative details of the product, which must be taken into account at the stage of project formation. Their location helps to improve the overall look. In this work, the location of the seams was dictated by the length of the riser. Its length is more than 2 meters and its width is 15 cm. Products with such parameters are less practical to use. In order to eliminate the possibility of chipping, the entire riser was designed in three parts.

All joints formed during installation were treated with professional sealants from the manufacturer Sikaflex-11. For grouting, MAPEI products were used. All this gives an even, beautiful, and most importantly durable seam that looks harmonious with properly selected polished ends and a 3 mm chamfer.

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