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Staircase from the base of Sofievsky and Rakhna-Polevsky granites

Granite is not only a strong and durable material. Granite also has a rich color range, which will allow you to realize any idea. So in this case, the main task was to choose such colors of natural stone so that they blend harmoniously into the overall concept of the existing interior. Definitely, in addition to practicality, beauty and price play a big role. Granite steps combine all three components. Stairs made of natural stone are always stylish. Granite steps are practical due to the properties of this natural material. A flight of stairs made of granite is available, because granite is Ukrainian.

The production of this entrance group was divided into several stages.

Staircase made of Sofievsky and Rakhna-Polevsky granites
Staircase made of Sofievsky and Rakhna-Polevsky granites

Granite steps design

Before you start any calculations, you need to decide what color and what material our future steps will be from. The internal staircase can also be made of marble. Marble stairs, like granite ones, will perfectly show themselves and will serve their owners for many years. Especially with the right care. However, granite has several advantages over marble. In our opinion, quite significant. First, granite is a volcanic rock, a heavy-duty material. It is the strength and low abrasion coefficient that is the main advantage. Secondly, the price. As we mentioned above, there are dozens of deposits of this natural material in Ukraine. Therefore, it is always possible to choose the right color for a reasonable price. On average, granite products are 30–50 percent cheaper than similar marble products. Thirdly, granite is a denser material, does not require additional processing during the production process and is more resistant to chemical damage. But once again we emphasize that marble stairs also serve well for many years. In this case, the yellow granite of the Sofievsky deposit “Skifiya Gold” was chosen. It was decided to make risers from Rachna granite, the commercial name of which is Pantera Grey.

Regarding the technical part. These stairs are classic in execution. There are both straight treads and curly ones. The latter perform the function of rotary steps. Since the pivot treads do not have the correct geometric shape, templates should be made for such things. This is done in order to repeat the shape of the stairs and level out design errors.

Production of granite steps

After the project is completed and the patterns are made, all this information is transferred to production. At the first stage of production, slabs are prepared, that is, slabs of granite. They are sawn from a granite block, the dimensions of which are selected in accordance with the needs of production. It should be noted here that the size of the block also affects the cost of products. Large blocks are more expensive. Billets are made from slabs, and a granite step is made from the billet.

Pantera Gray granite risers and plinth were made in the second stage of production. The reason is standard – until the steps are mounted, it is impossible to clearly determine the height of the riser. Different thickness of adhesive layers, different heights of concrete steps, etc.

Installation of granite steps

As we mentioned above, Skifiya Gold granite steps were originally installed. This allowed us to clearly measure the height of each riser. They differed by 1–3 mm. This was not visible visually, but it was very important for the specialists who carried out facing work with natural stone. After all, it was not necessary to cut anything, and the seams turned out to be 1-2 mm.

After installing the risers, the next element of the cladding was boots (skirting boards) made of Pantera Gray granite. The boot has two functions: practical and aesthetic. The practical function of the granite boot is to protect the walls from dirt. Such contamination can occur both from shoes and in the process of washing stairs. The aesthetic function lies in the fact that the plinth can hide all the irregularities in the places where the granite adjoins the wall, hide the gaps and prevent the accumulation of dirt in such places.

Upon completion of the main facing works with natural stone, all seams, junctions of parts, etc., should be carefully sealed. Which was done. You can also treat the entire stone with special substances, which will give additional protection and shine to granite stairs. This option is optional, but we recommend doing so if possible.

The GRANEX® company manufactures and supplies granite stairs to the CIS countries and Europe.

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