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Granite facade of a residential building

The granite facade of any house is an adornment for the city, especially when it is such an ancient city as Lviv, Ukraine. A new residential building with a brown granite façade has been erected on Nekrasova Street. For your home, we will pick up No less luxurious color of the facade of granite.

At this facility, granite tiles were installed on an insulated facade. The insulation was made of foam plastic 50mm thick. A welded reinforcing mesh was attached to the foam plastic using driven dowels and washers. A layer of glue was applied to the grid and then tiles made of natural stone were mounted.

On the basement windows, the slopes were treated with the same slabs and granite window sills were installed.
The entrance group was made using steps with bush-hammered strips. Such strips are made to prevent slipping in wet or cold weather. After all, polished stone is quite slippery. They are applied to granite steps in one, two or three rows, depending on the number of people passing through them per day. In this case, three such elements were made at each step, since this is a multi-storey residential building. In private sectors, as a rule, one bush-hammered strip is made.

It should be noted that a granite plinth is not only beauty and prestige, it is also additional insulation. The density of such a stone is very high, and water absorption, in turn, is very low. Properly installed natural stone tiles will serve you for many years, which is confirmed by this object. The implementation of the project took place in the middle of the 2000s.

Similar objects were made by our company in different cities of Ukraine, in particular, in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi and others.
Often, to save money, people use ceramic tiles for facing entrance groups. But is it really savings? The price of granite tiles is the same, and often cheaper than high-quality ceramic tiles. In addition, the stone is heavy, and special adhesives are used to install it, which greatly reduces the chance that ice can tear the slab off the base in winter. Therefore, granite will definitely last much longer than ordinary tiles, and there will be no need to redo the plinth, stairs or something else. And you don’t even need to talk about the visual advantage.

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