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Grand staircase made of granite stone for a private house in Odessa, Ukraine

Stairs made of brown Tokovsky granite "Carpazi"

Building a house is a complex and very responsible job, in which it is extremely necessary to pay attention to every little thing in order to be sure of its reliability and durability. Therefore, the choice of facing material for stairs deserves the same attitude as designing walls, roofs or foundations. The safety of not only load-bearing structures from external influences and ergonomic indicators, but also the appearance of the facade as a whole depends on this decision.

The most profitable raw material for facing an external staircase is гранит. This durable and reliable mineral is mined all over the world, and in Ukraine in particular. It was from the Ukrainian Tokovsky granite that work was carried out in the city of Odessa.

To achieve the task, a set of parts was made, which included steps, risers, edging along the porch perimeter, horizontal plates and a decorative boot.

Step 2100x350x307
Riser 700x170x2021
Edging 1000x300x3010
Tile 600x300x2073
Boot 700x200x3014
Step 2 700x400x302

The total scope of work amounted to 26.7 square meters. m. The cost of 1 square. m – 105 euros.

Stairs made of natural stone

Compliance with the installation process is one of the most important tasks. At the same time, it is also necessary to carefully approach the issue of choosing raw materials for installation and installation, they must be only of the best quality. Specialists of the company “GRANEX” use products only from trusted suppliers.

Installation begins with the treatment of the concrete base with a special adhesive deep penetration primer. This is necessary to improve the interaction between the base and the cement-sand adhesive, which provides the most reliable and durable connection. Seams resulting from assembly are filled with Sikaflex-11 polymer sealant. To avoid getting glue on the heat-treated areas, the area near the joint was taped with masking tape. The final step was the application of a crystallizer to enhance the depth of color.

Project drawing staircase from Tokovsky granite (2020)

Decorative elements of the flight of stairs

To keep the project consistent, the tread, piping and boot were made 30mm thick. The riser and horizontal tiles are 20 mm thick. This solution allowed to significantly reduce costs without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. The height differences between different parts were filled with cement-sand glue. The seam between the tread and the already laid paving stones was also leveled with it. In order to improve the ergonomic properties, it was decided to make the steps, plinth tiles and edging heat-treated. The heat-treated surface becomes more whitish than the glossy surface and has a roughness, which gives better grip when walking. The waste of water from the horizontal plane of the porch is ensured by the presence of a dripper on the edging. The image is completed by a combination of polished ends on granite treads and edging, with a rusticated seam on the boot.

Tokovsky granite staircase project - top view

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