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Stairs and steps made of granite Didkovichi Star of Ukraine

The parts kit includes:
Product name Quantity, pcs
Steps 24
Risers 33
Horizontal cladding elements 21
Boots and skirting boards 13
Total volume of material – 13.5 m2
Staircase made of brown Didkovichi granite

Structural elements of stone stairs

The flight of stairs lined with us has dimensions of 2790 × 955 mm and consists of 8 steps, the width of which is 328 mm. The upper tread has a width of 300 mm. Such dimensions are the most ergonomic for its operation. The height of the riser, the vertical element of the stairs, is also calculated in compliance with building codes in accordance with DBN D.2.3-9-2000 “Stairs, porches” and meets the requirements of ergonomics. The height of the first and last riser is 150 mm and 85 mm respectively. And the height of the middle ones is 95 mm.

Staircase made of Didkovichi granite - (installation)
The upper platform of the stairs made of Didkovichi granite

Finishing work was carried out in such a way that its operation was as comfortable and safe as possible. For these purposes, granite of the Star of Ukraine trademark was used, which is mined on the territory of Ukraine, near the village of Dedkovichi. This granite stone has the following physical and mechanical characteristics that ensure the strength and durability of the product:

  • Density – 2740-2770 kg / m3,
  • Compressive strength – 149-172 MPa,
  • Bending strength – 35 MPa,
  • Abrasion – 0.26 g/cm2.

The finished elements of the flight of stairs were installed using cement-sand glue on a pre-prepared concrete base treated with a deep penetration adhesive primer. Joints between laid and fixed parts were filled with Sikaflex-11 polyurethane sealant. This made it possible to limit the ingress of dirt and moisture into the spaces between the slots.

To eliminate the possibility of injury during movement, the central part of the treads of the entire staircase was made of heat-treated granite, which has a rough surface.

Staircase made of Didkovichi granite
Didkovichi granite staircase
Porch with stairs made of Didkovichi granite (side view)

Decorative staircase solution

Didkovichsky granite has a red-brown hue in a polished form. During heat treatment, the reflective properties of the surface change and its shade becomes brighter. Regardless of the type of surface treatment, the granite staircase is in harmony with the brick facade of the building. Steps and horizontal elements of the platform are made with a thickness of 30 mm. Thickness of boots, risers and tiles – 20 mm.

End faces of products – polished with the removed chamfers in 3 mm. All this allows you to achieve a pleasant visual perception. Joints and seams are treated with special professional products from MAPEI, the use of which improves the overall impression and completes the overall look of the project.

Answers to frequently asked questions

A flight of stairs lined with this technology will serve you for many decades.

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