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Sofievsky granite (Skifiya Gold)

Текстура жёлтого Софиевского гранита
Physical and technical properties of Sofievsky granite
Density and volumetric weight 2630kg/m³
Water absorption 0,62%
Compressive strength 132 MPa
Flexural strength 72 MPa
Abrasion 0,45 g/cm²
Commercial name Skifiya Gold
Place of birth Sofiyivske
Quarry location Ukraine, Mykolaiv region
Stone type Granite
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished 39 EUR/m²

Skifiya Gold granite products

Sofievsky granite quarry, which is located near the village of the same name in the Pervomaisky district of the Nikolaev region, is considered one of the largest in all of Ukraine. It is here that the famous and demanded not only in our country, but throughout the world, Sofievsky granite, which has a unique pattern and structure, is mined.

As for the overall color scheme, it is distinguished by polychromy, that is, multicolor, with a bias towards shades of yellow and gray. Depending on the depth of the rock, the external color of the granite may change. There are a lot of color variations: from beige to golden or even rich yellow.

The most delicate shade of the Skifiya Gold stone ensures the presence of fine-grained inclusions of plagioclase in the composition of the mineral. As for the texture and composition of the rock, the stone is distinguished by the presence of a medium-sized grain of an elongated shape in the form of a “spindle”.

Skifiya Gold granite slabs

Scope of application

The quarry at the Sofievsky deposit is a supplier of impressive volumes of granite, which is quite easily explained. When working with a stone of igneous origin, which is distinguished by the presence of a natural radiation background, the class or level of this background is very important. The lower it is, the greater the scope of the stone.

Granite Sofievsky in this regard is practically unrivaled, because its level of natural background radiation meets the requirements of the first class. This allows us to produce all kinds of stone products in all sectors and areas of construction, as well as for interior decoration, restoration and repair.

Granite of the Sofievsky deposit has no restrictions in the field of use, therefore it is often used in such areas as:

  • production of countertops for the kitchen;
  • production of facing tiles and paving stones;
  • cutting of polished and heat-treated slabs;
  • cladding of building facades and interior works;
  • production of steps and cladding of flights of stairs;
  • and even making fireplaces!

Sofiyevsky granite is in high demand in the design of domestic adjacent territories: garden sculptures, fountains, benches and other elements of decor and architecture are made from it.

Stairs from Sofievsky granite

Physical and mechanical properties

The rock of stone mined in the Sofievsky quarry is distinguished by the highest strength, resistance to abrasion, and the almost complete absence of water absorption. This allows us to recommend the material for use in any climatic conditions, from the Far North to the subtropics.

One of the key parameters for a finishing material is water absorption. For example, high-strength brick has this coefficient in the region of 4–8%, which is 10–20 times higher than that of Sofiyivka.

The water that the material “absorbed” expands when it freezes, which leads to the appearance of cracks and subsequent cracking of the stone. Granite has no competitors in this regard: you can specially soak it for weeks, and then place it in a refrigerator with negative temperatures – the material will not be damaged.

This property of granite is one of the most demanded in construction. Especially in regions with difficult climatic conditions – in the Far North, for example. A more “successful” material with such unique physical and mechanical properties simply does not exist in nature

Material composition

Sofievsky granite has the following mineral composition:

  • Plagioclase (“responsible” for the additional shade of the stone) – from 25% to 35%;
  • Feldspar – from 30% to 40%;
  • Quartz sand – 15–30%;
  • Other inclusions – no more than 2%.

We have already noted the first class of the natural radiation background of the stone, which, coupled with excellent physical and mechanical properties and excellent appearance, allows this mineral to find the widest range of applications. Experts also note such a parameter as complete environmental safety of the material, which allows you to reduce the cost of production – you do not need to additionally protect the environment.

Among other properties of the mineral, one can note its resistance to the appearance of chips and scratches. Even in the event of any damage to the stone, it is quite easy to bring it back to normal. Granite is enough to grind and then polish using special diamond polishing tools. At the same time, the surface of the finished product: a window sill or a step can be given a glossy, matte, heat-treated – rough texture. We add that this granite is excellent for splitting, which makes it an excellent material for split facade tiles or split paving stones.

The unique coloring of Sofievsky granite allows it to be used for decorating almost any interior, from classic to ultra-modern. If you are looking for a material that will last for many years and at the same time require a minimum of maintenance, and will constantly attract the admiring glances of your guests, Sofievsky granite will be an excellent choice.

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