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Tumbled paving stone from Sofievsky granite (10 × 10 × 3 cm)


The sawn-split, and then tumbled granite paving stones of the Sofievsky deposit have a light shade. The surface of each stone is quite smooth. The edges are rounded – as if each stone had lain on the sea beach for many years, and turned into a granite pellet. Thanks to this “old city” treatment, it is very pleasant to walk barefoot on such paving stones. It is advisable to lay sawn, tumbled Sofiyivska granite paving stones 3 cm thick on a rigid concrete base using cement adhesives. This type of sawn-split paving stone will be an impeccable choice for cladding terraces or patios.

Sofievsky granite and tumbled paving stones from it have a pleasant light tone. Thanks to her, the split stone is perfectly combined with the same paving stones made of bright red Lezniki granite, or the universal black color of Gabbro. Using only two colors of tumbled granite paving stones, you can create the highest level of landscaping.

Product type Tumbled paving stones
Stone type Skifiya Gold
Color Yellow
Thickness 30 mm
Size 100×100 mm
Front surface sawn
Side surface split
Bottom sawn
Laid, Install 5 mm joint
Quantity of pcs in 1 m² 91
Weight of 1 m², kg 70
Packing big bag 1-1,5 tons
m² in one truck 22 t. 310


10×10 cm



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