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Paving stones, sawn-split from stone Basalt 200×200×50 mm – flamed face & split edges


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Sawn basalt stone blocks with chipped edges 200×200×50 mm

As the name implies, this paving stone is made by sawing basalt blocks into slabs, approximately 20 cm high and 5 cm thick. Then, after the stone-cutting machine, we heat-treat these slabs – with special multi-nozzle burners, at a temperature of 1200 degrees Celsius. By the way, basalt does not react at all to lower temperatures, so happy owners of black basalt countertops can absolutely calmly put hot pans directly on the surface. After heat treatment, the basalt strips are sent to a hydraulic press, where these slabs are formatted to a size of 20 × 20 centimeters. The edges of each paving stone, after such a procedure, have a natural chip.

How best to mount sawn-split Basalt paving stones

Let’s make a reservation right away that the chipped, not perfectly even edges of this type of basalt paving stone are not a flaw, but its advantage! It is desirable to emphasize the natural cleavage of basalt when laying such paving slabs. This can be done if you do not completely fill the seam between the plates – leave one or two centimeters empty. Moreover, the thickness of the paving stones of 5 centimeters will easily allow this to be done.

Another effective technique in laying such paving stones is the ability to highlight the seam. Imagine: you filled up the gaps between absolutely black basalt paving stones with snow-white marble chips. Or in another way: fill these seams with bright red granite bedding. In general, the field for creativity is very large.

How we deliver basalt paving slabs to our customers

We pack such products on pallets 120*80 centimeters. We tighten with polypropylene tape – for reliable delivery. If you decide to buy such basalt pavers for the future, and you know that it will stand at your construction site for several months until the moment of installation. Then we recommend additionally wrapping each pallet with polyethylene. So the rough surface of the pavers will not get too dusty.

Basalt is a rather heavy stone, it is even heavier than granite. Its density is 3000 kg per 1 cubic meter. If we recalculate, we get the weight of 1 meter of square basalt paving stones 20 × 20 and 5 cm thick – 150 kg. In other words, 145 m2 of such products can be loaded into a car with a capacity of 22 tons. And do not forget – for unloading such basalt slabs at a construction site, it is better to use equipment: a crane, a manipulator or a loader.



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