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Sawn paving stone from Leznikovsky granite (20×10×3 cm)



Paving stones from Leznikovsky granite are very common in our time. The material for the manufacture of this paving stone is mined in the village of Lezniki, located in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine. The stone has an original appearance due to the red color with black patches. It has a rough porous texture.

Sawn paving stone from Leznikovsky granite, in addition to its wonderful color, have a lot of advantages:

  • smooth surface on all sides;
  • long service life – paving from sawn paving stones Lezniki will please the eye for more than a decade without any repair or restoration;
  • paving stones are not damaged by rot, fungus;
  • water resistance – which also provides resistance to cracking during frosts;
  • ease of installation and dismantling if necessary;
  • when laying, a perfectly even seam is easily created;
  • affordable cost, which is achieved due to the use of Ukrainian material.
  • resistance to any external influences, temperature differences, high humidity, scorching sun.

How to lay sawn paving stones from Leznikovsky granite

Leznikovsky granite looks very impressive on the roads, which is why it is often used in urban construction. Like any granite, it is notable for its considerable strength and resistance to wear and deformation. It is immune to moisture and extreme temperatures. Therefore, such a stone is a win-win option.

Sawn paving stones are laid almost closely, almost without gaps, creating interesting patterns in the form of rhombuses, circles and triangles. Such material is suitable for paving perfectly flat areas: recreation areas, parking spaces, garden and park paths. Stone paving stones can be laid on a pebble pillow or a concrete base. The first option is suitable for garden paths, patios and other places that do not experience increased mechanical stress. Driveways and parking spaces for cars are best created on a durable and wear-resistant concrete substrate.

It is advisable to lay granite paving stones at a distance from the walls of buildings, leaving a strip of lawn or fill this gap with marble chips, or granite chips of any gray or black shade. This will protect the coatings during dismantling, reconstruction or repair of the house and will create a brighter and more attractive atmosphere of the territory.

What is sawn Leznikovskaya paving stone combined with?

There are many schemes for laying sawn pavers, many of which you can find on our website. One of the most common options is to mix sawn pavers with large slabs of the same type of stone or any other shade of granite. It is better to combine Leznikovskaya paving stones with black or gray shades of granite paving stones, as it itself has a rather bright, playful color. A very common laying option is laying paving stones from one stone, but different in texture, for example, a combination of sawn and chipped or tumbled paving stones.



20×10 cm, 200×100 mm




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