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Sawn paving stone from Pokostovsky granite (20×10×5 cm)



Compared to fully split paving stones, sawn paving stones from the Pokostovsky granite deposit have all six sides sawn. The top of each paving stone is rough, like asphalt – heat-treated. Flame treatment gives natural stone an anti-slip surface. This paving stone is also called full-sawn paving stone, it is widely used as granite paving slabs. At the beginning of the production process, blocks of Pokostovsky granite are sawn on massive disk machines into slabs 5 cm thick. We subject these slabs to fire treatment at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius. Then blanks with a thickness of 5 cm are cut into a size of 20×10 cm.

Sawn granite paving stones have a number of advantages over chipped ones:

  • Smoother and non-slip surface;
  • The sides are absolutely even, this ensures the most even seam;
  • Joints at installation of the minimum size.
Product type Paving stone granite
Stone type Grey Ukraine
Color Grey
Thickness 50 mm
Size 200×100 mm
Front surface heat-treated
Side surface sawn
Bottom sawn
Laying seam 2–5 mm
Quantity in 1 m2 50 pcs
Weight 1 m2 135 kg
Package pallets of 1-2 tons
For one car 22 tons. 160 m2

Installation of sawn granite paving stones of the Pokostovsky deposit 20x10x5 cm

You can choose one of two ways to install granite paving stones: on a rigid (static) base and on a soft (dynamic), but at the same time draining base. A static base made of reinforced concrete or prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs is used in areas with a large and constant load, or on footpaths 4-5 meters wide. Draining dynamic foundations are used when paving large areas where drainage is problematic.

Design options for gray full-sawn granite paving stones

Once again, we recall that the highest professionalism in natural stone is the ability to combine the same type of granite with different types of surfaces among themselves. The front surface of this mineral can be varied: heat-treated, sawn, chipped, and also polished.

The paving stones produced by us 200×100 mm in size and 50 mm thick are perfectly combined with the same sawn-split paving stones 100×100 mm in size. Gutters made of the same gray but polished Pokostovsky granite will look first-class. Smooth strips of sanded or similarly sawn surfaces will also be a great addition.

We are pleased to note that Pokostovsky granite paving stones are perfectly combined with the same format red paving stones from Kapustinsky granite, or black – from Basalt.



20×10 cm, 200×100 mm




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