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Pokostovsky granite (Grey Ukraine)

This is perhaps the most common Ukrainian granite. Its international trade name is Gray Ukraine, which naturally means: gray Ukrainian stone. Paradoxical as it may seem, but the steel gray color is ideal for any building facade and even for any interior. And these are not just words, but our practical experience with Pokostovsky granite for more than 10 years.

Physical and technical properties of Pokostovsky granite
Density and volumetric weight2730 kg/m³
Water absorption0,5-0,25%
Compressive strength200 MPa
Flexural strength92 MPa
Abrasion0.54 g/cm²
Commercial nameGrey Ukraine
Place of birthPokostovskoe
Quarry locationUkraine, Zhytomyr region
Stone typeGranite
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished30 EUR/m²

Gray Ukraine granite products

Split granite stone
Paving stone sawn and split
Sawn paving stone
Tumbled paving stone
Granire curbs

Split granite paving stone

Paving stones sawn and split

Sawn paving stone

Tumbled paving stone

Granite curbs

Parking granite hemispheres

We tell in detail and in human language what these numbers mean.

  1. The density of Pokostovka (granite from this village) is 2730 kg placed in a cube, with all edges of 1 m. That is, our gray granite is almost 3 times heavier than water. Or in other words: 1 m² of Pokostovsky granite tiles, 1 cm thick, will have a mass of 27 kg.
  2. Water absorption. There is a whole multi-page standard on how water absorption testing should be done. In short: paving stones from Pokostovsky granite stone measuring 10 × 10 × 10 cm are placed in water, kept there for 20–30 minutes, wiped with dry paper. After that, we weigh it on a laboratory scale – and we see that this stone has increased its mass by no more than 0.5%. This is very, very little! The most durable brick has a water absorption of about 8%. That is, our granite will be more than 16 times more frost-resistant!!!
  3. Ultimate compressive strength. A complex experiment with a hydraulic press, in which the material being tested is pressed with crazy force. At the same time, do not forget that 200 MPa is the pressure that develops a load of 2000 kg placed on 1 cm². Only under this pressure Pokostovsky granite begins to collapse. And this is an unattainable pressure even for mega-overloaded trucks.
  4. Bending strength is a value showing how our granite stone can be used for self-supporting steps. That is, for stairs that will have only a metal frame – without concrete. We checked it in practice – Pokostovsky granite is perfect for steps of metal frame stairs and for ventilated facades.
  5. Abrasion of 0.54 grams per square centimeter suggests that when 1,000,000 people pass through 1 cm² of this mineral, its mass will decrease by half a gram. Not every expensive ceramics can boast of such an indicator. This is a very important indicator for choosing flooring in crowded places.

Table top made of Pokostovsky granite

Note the excellent combination of gray stone with polished stainless steel. A very respectable and quite affordable solution for cafes and restaurants. Pokostovsky granite has all the characteristics to ensure the safety of the investments of the owners of such establishments for many years.

Window sills

Porch from “Pokostovka”

Granite of the Pokostovsky deposit for facing internal stairs, steps and floors

There is a hackneyed stereotype that only paving stones are made from this gray stone. Our work proves the opposite. Evaluate how elegant the steps, the floor and the staircase as a whole look:

We also prepared a model of the interior staircase:

If a darker staircase suits your interior, we can combine the details of Pokostovka with another natural stone – gabbro:

Pokostovsky granite itself has two selections: dark and light. It is perfectly heat-treated and polished. All this makes it an excellent mineral for a wide range of products that we make from it:

  • Tiles polished;
  • Heat treated paving slabs. Thickness 3, 5 or more cm;
  • Chipped paving stones;
  • Sawn paving stones;
  • Countertops;
  • Heat-treated steps for outdoor stairs;
  • Polished steps for the interior.

Deposit and quarries

This granite occurs in the Zhytomyr region near the village of Pokostovka. From the name of this village came the name of this stone. Currently, 7 quarries have been opened at the Pokostovskoye deposit.

Full sawn paving slab 20×20 cm

The price of such plates with a thickness of 5 and 3 cm: 20×20×5 cm — 33.60 EUR/m²; 20×20×3 cm — 30.60 EUR/m²

The most popular sawn paving stone 20×10 cm

The price of such Pokostovsky paving stones: 20×10×5 cm — 30.50 EUR/m²; 20×10×3 cm — 27.80 EUR/m²

Real paving stones of small size 10×10 cm

The price of such products: 10×10×5 cm — 33.60 EUR/m²; 10×10×3 cm — 30.60 EUR/m²

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