Sawn-split paving stones with chipped edges made of red granite Rosa Raveno (200×200×30 mm) - face & split edges - GRANEX

Sawn-split paving stones with chipped edges made of red granite Rosa Raveno (200×200×30 mm) – face & split edges


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Paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite, sawn and heat-treated with split edges 200x200x30

From the name of this paving stone, it is entirely clear: it is produced by sawing Zhadkovsky granite – blocks into slabs about 20 cm wide and 3 cm thick. Next, after the sawing machine, we process red granite blanks for paving stones with special gas burners. This occurs at very high temperatures (1200 degrees Celsius). Also note that the lower temperature of the Ukrainian red granite Rosa Raveno is not terrible at all. This means that the happy owners of red granite countertops have the opportunity to absolutely safely place metal utensils from the fire directly onto the granite surface. After flame treatment, 30 mm thick granite strips are sent to a powerful stone press. Here there is a chipping off of excess stone along the edge of each of the plates. Due to this, each paving stone acquires perpendicular dimensions of 20 cm. The lateral side of each granite paving slab, after such chipping, has the texture of a natural rock.

How to properly and elegantly lay sawn-chopped, French paving stones from Zhadkovka

Once again, we note that the chipped edges and not 100% straight edges of the “French” granite paving stones are not a minus, but its huge plus! Natural chipping will wisely be beautifully emphasized when laying these granite paving slabs. This can be achieved if the distance between adjacent stones is not filled to the full depth, but at least one centimeter is left without filling. When laying on a concrete base, which is recommended, it is easy to do this with 3 cm thick slabs. And remember that granite paving stones measuring 20×20 centimeters are no longer just paving stones, but paving tiles. Especially when you consider its absolutely flat top, which creates absolute comfort when walking.

Another spectacular technique in landscape design with such granite paving slabs is the skill to highlight the seam. It can be decorated with other stone material, such as black basalt chips. The red color of granite paving stones from the Zhadkovsky deposit goes well with gray granite or black heat-treated labradorite.

Пиленая брусчатка из красного Жадковского гранита
Sawn stone blocks from Zhadkovsky granite
Combination of red Koretsky granite and labradorite


Delivery of sawn granite paving slabs

We pack this large-format red granite paving stone on euro pallets 1200×800 mm. Without fail, we tighten it with a strong polypropylene tape. This is done to ensure the safety of the goods during transportation. In a situation where you decide to buy paving stones from Zhadkovsky granite 200x200x30 in advance, and you know that it will be stored for about six months before installation, we strongly recommend that you carefully wrap each pallet with paving stones with polyethylene film. Due to this, the heat-treated granite surface will not be too dusty during storage.

Granite Rosa Raveno from the Korets quarry is a fairly dense stone, its specific gravity is quite large. And the density ranges from 2670 to 2730 kg per 1 cubic meter. If we imagine it differently, we get the mass of 1 meter of granite paving slab area 200×200 and 30 millimeters thick: 80–82 kg. That is, it will be possible to load 270 m2 of red paving stones into a car with a carrying capacity of 22 tons. And don’t forget, when unloading this elegant paving material at your site, it is best to avoid manual labor and use a crane or truck with a crane.

Упакованная гранитная тротуарная плитка



200х200 mm



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