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Sawn-split stone blocks Gabbro (200×100×50 mm)



Sawn-split paving stones made of natural black Gabbro stone are made with all side edges sawn. This favorably distinguishes it from a completely chipped counterpart. The top and bottom side of any stone has a natural chipped texture. This paving stone is made from the so-called “pencils”. The initial blanks for such paving stones are very reminiscent of them – long and narrow rods. At the very beginning of production, gabbro blocks are sawn on disk diamond stone-cutting machines into slabs 100 mm thick. Then these plates are transferred to multi-disc machines with diamond saws of a much smaller diameter. After this machine, we get a semblance of granite pencils. And only already these long rods fall on the hydraulic press. It is precisely because the press knife can tightly press the even edge of the workpiece and a fairly even chip is obtained on the front surface of each stone.

Here are a few advantages of sawn-split granite paving stones:

  • a more even surface throughout the paving in comparison with full-cut paving stones;
  • more comfortable price compared to full-sawn paving stones;
  • the seams during laying are even and narrow, the same as when installing a fully sawn granite paving.
Product type Paving stone Gabbro
Stone type Gabbro
Color Black
Thickness 50 mm
Format 200×100 mm
Front surface chipped
Side surface sawn
Bottom chipped
Laying seam 5-10 mm
Quantity in 1 m2 20 pcs
Weight 1 m2 137 kg
Package big bags of 1-1.5 tons
For one car 22 tons 160 m2

Installation of sawn-split paving stones Gabbro 200x100x50 mm

In principle, there are two main ways of laying paving stones: on a rigid base and on a dynamic, draining base. A rigid base made of concrete or ready-made concrete slabs is used in places with a large constant load, or on narrow paths – up to 5 meters wide. Where slippage of the paving edge will be unavoidable. Drainage foundations are used in large areas where it is problematic to drain.

Laying paving stones on a rigid base

Solid concrete is a reliable solution for small areas (up to 1000 m2). Such bases are indispensable on narrow pedestrian sidewalks – to ensure durability. The thickness of reinforced concrete is desirable in the range of 7–15 cm. In this case, the paving stones are mounted in a layer of dry cement-sand mixture, in a ratio of 1:3 (1:4). The seams are also covered with dry DSP. This method is often called “installation of paving stones on the carving”. The only disadvantage of such a base for our sawn-chopped gabbro pavers is the need for drainage grooves to drain rain and melt water. However, this is also easily solved. If the thickness of the main layer of stone pavers is 5 cm, then using a stone of 3 or 2 cm thickness, you can easily organize drainage channels 2-3 cm deep.

Installation of sawn-chopped Gabbro paving stones on a draining base

Imagine: it is necessary to clad a parking lot near a modern shopping center with an area of ​​10,000 m2 with natural stone paving stones. The cost of concrete work and the installation of drainage sleeves may exceed the price of the gabbro paving stone itself. For this reason, it is customary to perform large paving areas on a dynamic, draining basis. To ensure the durability of the coating of natural pavers, the base under it consists of several layers. A layer of sand is laid on the planned and compacted soil. Then, geotextiles are laid on the sand, on which a layer of sand is again placed. Then, to prevent horizontal movement of the base (when the car brakes sharply on the paving stones), a geo-grid is laid. Stone rubble is poured into it. Then. This whole cake is strewn with granotsev, in which our sawn-split paving stones from Gabbro 200x100x50 mm fit.

What is the best design for black stone Gabbro pavers?

First of all, we remember that the highest design skill in natural stone is the ability to combine the same stone, but with different types of surface: chipped, sawn, polished, and heat-treated.

Our 20×10 cm format goes well with the same sawn-chopped gabbro pavers, 10×10 cm in size. Drainage sleeves made of bright black copied gabbro will look great. Strips of heat-treated or the same sawn surface will also be an excellent solution.

In general, black paving stones go well with gray paving stones of the same size from Pokostovsky granite, or red – from Zhadkovsky granite.



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