Carpazi - GRANEX

Tokovsky granite (Carpazi)

Physical and technical properties of Tokovsky granite
Density and volumetric weight2670 kg/m³
Water absorption0,55%
Compressive strength225 MPa
Flexural strength19 MPa
Abrasion0.26 g/cm²
Commercial nameCarpazi
Place of birthTokovskoe
Quarry locationUkraine, Dnepropetrovsk region
Stone typeGranite
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished34 EUR/m²

Carpazi granite products

Granite is an igneous rock, which is characterized by the presence of grains of fine and medium fractions of regular and irregular shapes. The composition of natural material, in various concentrations, includes quartz, feldspar, mica and other minerals.

Like many other Ukrainian granites, this natural material is one of the best in the world in terms of its decorative properties and performance characteristics. Only diamond is harder than this stone, and its strength and wear resistance are much higher than that of Chinese, Indian or Brazilian granite.

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