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Leznikovsky granite (Maple Red)

Physical and technical properties of Leznikovsky granite
Density and volumetric weight2650 kg/m³
Water absorption0,18%
Compressive strength135-260 MPa
Flexural strength31 MPa
Abrasion0.24 g/cm²
Commercial nameMaple Red
Place of birthLeznikovskoe
Quarry locationUkraine, Zhytomyr region
Stone typeGranite
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished70 EUR/m²

Maple Red granite products

Split granite paving stone

Paving stones sawn and split

Sawn paving stone

Granite curbs

What is made from Leznikovsky granite?

The most popular material for wall and floor cladding is, of course, 60×30 cm tiles. For paving, it is advisable to use a 3 cm thick slab with a heat-treated surface. It prevents slips and falls during rain and snow. In the photo you can see how the polished and rough surface of Leznikovsky granite looks like. To achieve a match in the color of these two types of granite processing, you can use impergant – liquids that give the surface a “wet effect”.

Very spectacular and bright window sills come out of Leznikovsky granite, which perfectly complement the red brick facade.

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