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Leznikovsky granite (Maple Red)

Physical and technical properties of Leznikovsky granite
Density and volumetric weight2650 kg/m³
Water absorption0,18%
Compressive strength135-260 MPa
Flexural strength31 MPa
Abrasion0.24 g/cm²
Commercial nameMaple Red
Place of birthLeznikovskoe
Quarry locationUkraine, Zhytomyr region
Stone typeGranite
Price tiles 600×300×20 mm polished70 EUR/m²

Maple Red granite products

Split granite paving stone

Paving stones sawn and split

Sawn paving stone

Granite curbs

What is made from Leznikovsky granite?

Red granite interior staircase

Full-bodied staircase made of Leznikovsky granite

An excellent continuation of the red entrance staircase will be no less bright chopped granite paving stones.

Paving stones from Leznikovsky granite, packed in a big-bag
We pack such paving stones in big bags

The facade of the building can be decorated not only with external tides of granite. The walls themselves can be lined with crushed granite – straw from the Leznikovsky deposit. The width of such a tile is 3-6 cm, the thickness is about 2 centimeters. The use of such split granite on the facade is always more effective in combination with either polished details of the same color, or in combination with another stone.

The most popular material for wall and floor cladding is, of course, 60×30 cm tiles. For paving, it is advisable to use a 3 cm thick slab with a heat-treated surface. It prevents slips and falls during rain and snow. In the photo you can see how the polished and rough surface of Leznikovsky granite looks like. To achieve a match in the color of these two types of granite processing, you can use impergant – liquids that give the surface a “wet effect”.

Very spectacular and bright window sills come out of Leznikovsky granite, which perfectly complement the red brick facade.

Quarries where Lezniki granite is mined

All quarries of Leznikovsky granite are located near two villages in the Zhytomyr region (Ukraine): Leznik and Chervonogranitnoye. There are new, working quarries, with good blockiness and color.

There are also non-working quarry:

Flooded quarry at the Lezniki deposit

Groundwater is collected in them, and because of the red granite dust, the water acquires a reddish tint. Large blocks of granite from the Leznikovskoye deposit are used to produce slabs. Such blocks are quite expensive, often, their price is higher than blocks of white or beige marble. Small blocks are used to make red and pink granite paving stones

Shades of granite Lezniki

The color of this stone may differ not only depending on the quarries. Even within the same block, you can sometimes see two shades of this granite.

Pink and red granite  (comparison)
In the photo – pink and red Lezniki

At the same time, based on our own experience, we unequivocally affirm that the pink shade of this stone is not inferior in its beauty to the red selection. Moreover, using these two colors in the production and laying of granite paving stones, you can get excellent paving!

Paving stones granite Lezniki bright red

Bright red Leznikovsky granite

Paving stones granite Lezniki pink

Light red Leznikovsky granite
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