Red granite setts - split face & sawn edges 100x100x50 mm - Maple Red - GRANEX

Red granite setts – split face & sawn edges 100x100x50 mm – Maple Red


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Compared to full-cut, sawn-chopped paving stones from Lezniki granite have 4 sawn sides. The top and bottom of each cobbled stone has a natural chip – rock. Such paving stones are also called made from a pencil. The name was given by the technological process of production. Initially, blocks or rubble of Leznikovsky granite are sawn on large stone-cutting machines into slabs 10 cm thick. Then these slabs are transferred to multi-blade sawing machines with small saws. At the output, we get long stone blanks with a section of 100×100 mm, which are called pencils. After that, we split such “pencils” on a stone splitting press. Given that the press knives are more evenly attached to the sawn surface of the stone, the natural chipping of each paving stone is very even.

As a result, we have several advantages compared to full-cut paving stones:

  • Sawn-split paving stone have a smoother chipped surface;
  • The sides are perfectly even, which gives a straight seam line;
  • Seams during installation are thinner and even.
Product type Granite pavers
Stone type Maple Red
Color Red
Thickness 50 mm
Format 100×100 mm
Front surface chipped
Side surface sawn
Bottom chipped
Laying seam 5-10 mm
Quantity in 1 m2 91 pcs
Weight 1 m2 123 kg
Package big bags of 1-1.5 tons
For one car 22 tons 175 m2

Installation of sawn-splits granite paving stones Lezniki 100x100x50 mm

In general, there are only two ways to install granite paving stones: on a hard base and on a “soft”, draining base. A solid base made of reinforced concrete or prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs is used on sites with a significant constant load, or on paths up to 5 meters wide. That is, where the deformation of the edge of the cobbled paving will be unambiguous. Draining – soft foundations are used in large areas where it is difficult to drain.

Installation of granite paving stones on a solid base

A waterproof concrete base is a reliable solution for small areas (up to 1000 m²). Such bases are indispensable on narrow pedestrian sidewalks – for durability. The thickness of the reinforced concrete base is required in the range of 7–15 cm. In this case, the granite paving stones are placed in a dry cement-sand mixture, with a ratio of cement and sand of 1:3 (1:4). The seams between the stones are also filled with dry DSP. This method is usually called “installation of granite paving stones on the carving”. A small disadvantage of such a base for our sawn-splits paving stones from Leznikovsky granite is the need to provide drainage grooves – to drain sedimentary water. However, this is also easy to solve. If the thickness of the bulk of the pavers is 5 cm, then using granite of 3 or 2 cm thickness, you can easily make drainage channels 2-3 cm deep.

Laying sawn-split paving stones Lezniki on a dynamic base

Let’s discuss: you need to lay red granite paving stones for the entire parking lot near a large shopping center of at least 10,000 m². The cost of concreting the foundation and arranging drainage channels may exceed the cost of the granite paving stones to be purchased. Therefore, it is customary to mount large paving spaces on a dynamic, draining base. To achieve the durability of the coating of sawn-split paving stones, the base under it is made multi-layered. A layer of sand is laid on a flat and rammed soil. After that, geotextiles are placed on the sand, on which sand is again poured. Then, to prevent horizontal movement of the base (when the machine brakes sharply on the paving stones), a geogrid is used. Granite crushed stone is poured into it. Then the whole cake is strewn with granite screenings, in which our sawn-chopped paving stones from Leznikovsky granite 10x10x5 cm are mounted.

Design for bright red granite paving stones with sawn edges

We always remember that the highest artistic skill in natural stone is the ability to combine the same granite, but with different types of surface. The surface of granite can be different: heat-treated, chipped, polished and sawn.

Our paving stones 10×10 cm in size and 5 cm thick are perfectly combined with the same sawn-chopped paving stones 20×10 cm in size. Drainage sleeves made of bright red polished Lezniki granite will look great. Smooth strips of heat-treated or the same sawn surface will also be a great addition.

In general, red granite paving stones go well with gray paving stones of the same size from Pokostovsky granite, or black ones from Basalt.



100×100 mm



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