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Granite balusters and stairs

The cost of the stairs was 79 € per m², and the balusters with railings were 190 € per m².
You can also order shaped balusters separately at a price of 80 € per piece

In 2016, our company completed the first stage of the implementation of an interesting object in Lviv, Ukraine, which consisted in imitation of an ancient architectural structure. And as you know, in houses of this type of those times, there was always granite, as an obligatory part of the exterior.

Accordingly, steps from Sofievsky granite of gray selection (stone from the Ukrainian deposit) were implemented at this facility. To prevent slipping, the surface of such granite stairs was heat-treated. And not only horizontal elements, but also vertical ones. This was done to render the effect of antiquity of such stairs.

There are two types of steps made of granite – solid and overhead. In this case, a variant of overhead stairs made of granite was used. Steps and risers were placed on a concrete base. The step thickness is 30 mm and the riser thickness is 20 mm. Granite balusters and railings 100 mm thick were also manufactured and installed. It should be noted that one segment of the railing has a weight of 115 kg, so embedded metal elements and polyurethane glue were used to install such an element. The advantages of such stairs are obvious – beauty, practicality, durability. Having a low water absorption coefficient, steps made of granite, provided that they are properly installed, are not afraid of winter temperature changes, do not peel off from the concrete base and serve for decades.

But once again we emphasize that the installation of granite stairs is a job that requires a certain skill and experience. For example, when carrying out facing work, it is necessary to correctly calculate the height marks to ensure the same height of each riser. Take into account the slopes of both the concrete base and the slopes necessary for the flow of water. Make sure that during the installation process no voids were allowed between the granite stairs and the concrete base. Only special building materials for natural stone should be used.

In the photo above you can see the result of our work. We also invite you to familiarize yourself with several visualizations on the basis of which this project was implemented:

Visualization of a granite staircase with balusters
Visualization of a granite staircase with balusters
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