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Installation of stairs from Rakhna-Polevsky granite

Pantera Gray granite steps

A solid and status granite staircase, this is exactly what they wanted to see in the company “Trans-Service”, in the city of Lviv. Rakhny-Polevsky granite did an excellent job with this difficult task. It received this name at the location of the quarry where it is mined, near the village of Rakhny, on the territory of Ukraine.

This project of the flight of stairs had a non-standard design solution. At the design stage, it was decided to make an optical illusion, in which the inner sides would be an oval shape, instead of the usual rectangular one. Also, in order to improve the aesthetic and ergonomic properties, it was decided to move the bottom corner of the riser.

For the exact match of the rear and front points of the tread with the riser, special mounting templates were made – patterns.

In total, 6 flights of stairs were lined in this project, from the 1st to the 4th floor. Each march has 15 steps. The cladding kit included finished steps, risers, boot, floor slabs and plinth made of «Pantera Grey» granite.

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The cost of 1 m2 of the project was 120 €. The total volume of facing works is 84 m2.

Complicated installation of stair elements made of granite stone “Pantera Gray”

The non-standard dimensions of the concrete base of the stairs required from us the same extraordinary solutions for its lining. The production and use of patterns for taking the exact dimensions of the elements helped us avoid difficulties in further work. A set of parts was laid on a concrete base, pre-treated with a deep penetration adhesive primer. Cement-polymer adhesive was used as a binding raw material between the base and stone parts. To prevent the appearance of cement stains on the surface of the finished product, the seams formed between the mounted parts were treated with a special polyurethane sealant Sikaflex-11.

Polished gray granite “Pantera Gray” on a matte white texture

Color contrast in the interior has always been used where the main creative task was to express individuality and emphasize the taste of its owner. The Trans-Service company is not only a high professional in its field of activity, it also has an exceptional personality. To emphasize its special status and solidity of intentions through the interior, we used a dark-colored mineral. Dark gray treads with light accents against a matte white wall created a deep color contrast. The polished treads were made with a 3 mm chamfer. The same chamfer was used on the boot and skirting boards running along the walls. The joints between the elements, in addition to being treated with Sikaflex-11 sealant, were also filled with MAPEI grout, complementing the whole image and forming the final beautiful appearance of the flight of stairs.

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