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Facing the stairs of a private house with granite steps “Skifiya Gold”

Granite stairs Skifiya Gold

The staircase is one of the most important structural elements in the construction of a private house. It should be as strong and reliable as the foundation itself. To achieve this result, it is extremely important to use only the best materials in its construction. When doing finishing work, we were guided by this principle.

For the implementation of the project, a set of parts was used, including treads, risers, a boot and plinths made of Sofievsky granite:

Step 1100x380x30 mm19
Riser 1100x120x30 mm19
Tile 1080x565x30 mm2
Boot-1 570x70x20 mm19
Boot-2 190x80x20 mm19

The cost of a set of parts for 1 m2 was 156 €. The price of the same set without a boot is [] UAH per m2. The total volume of facing works is 12 m2.

Granite steps – time-tested reliability

The use of granite for finishing work is the choice of those who are not ready to compromise between practicality and beauty, because choosing this mineral, you can be sure that that the flight of stairs will serve you for many decades. It is also important to carefully select consumables for installation. It must be of high quality.

In this project, as in all our other works, we use only products from trusted manufacturers. When laying, a deep penetration adhesive primer was used, which was impregnated with the concrete base of the stairs. Laying of finished products was carried out using cement-polymer adhesive. MAPEI grout was used to fill the resulting joints between the laid parts. Lack of grouting may lead to the appearance of cement stains on the surface of the stone in the future.

Practical and comfortable stairs made of Sofievsky granite

The glossy shine of the polished staircase emphasizes any interior. The owners of the house in the city of Odessa were convinced of this on their own. This project was developed taking into account all the wishes of customers, and the professionalism of the company’s masters made it possible to implement it in the best possible way.

Strict and laconic stone with a yellowish tint is in harmony with white walls and forged black railings with patina. The thickness of the tread and riser is 30 mm. Changing the angle of riser inclination by 15° made it possible to improve not only the aesthetic perception of the stairs as a whole, but also to increase its ergonomic characteristics. The ends of the parts were machined with a 3 mm polished chamfer. All the actions performed by us allowed us to cope with the task as quickly and professionally as possible.

Answers to frequently asked questions

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