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Granite facade and stairs

Construction and installation work was carried out by the ZARS company. The employees of our company carried out the cladding of the basement of the building, the fence and the steps with slabs of Maroon Black granite, mined in domestic quarries. The compressive strength of this material, reaching 217 MPa, and the abrasion index of 0.48 g/cm2, confirm the highest quality of facing boards.

Stages of work performed

For facing the plinth, we used granite slabs 20 mm thick, for facing steps and window sills – 40 mm thick, for the fence, risers and on the surface of porch platforms – 20 mm thick. The slabs have been heat-treated and polished, so their appearance is in perfect harmony with the color of the terrazite plaster on the facade of the house. Simultaneously with the cladding, the plinth was insulated, for which polystyrene foam was placed under the granite slabs. The whole complex of works consisted of the following stages:

  • leveling and cleaning the surface;
  • primer;
  • fixing polystyrene boards;
  • installation of fiberglass mesh;
  • laying a layer of mortar;
  • installation of granite slabs.

Works on facing the entrance groups with granite – the installation of steps, risers and platforms was carried out with high quality cement-polymer adhesive, which guarantees the operation of the granite coating for at least 10 years. The used technology of facing works is designed to successfully resist the effects of seismic vibrations, the magnitude of which in the area of the built house can reach 7 points on the Richter scale.

Benefits of using granite as a cladding material

Professionals consider the basement one of the main structural elements of the house. Located above the surface of the earth and protruding beyond the walls, it forms the external appearance of the building. Facing the plinth with granite allows you to improve the appearance of the building and at the same time protect its foundation from moisture. However, granite used for cladding is also known for other advantages:

  • strength;
  • resistance to temperature extremes and ultraviolet radiation;
  • the possibility of using combination solutions;
  • expressive (“expensive”) appearance;
  • relative ease of installation.
  • durability.

The results of our work confirm the usefulness of using Maroon Black granite slabs as a facing material for residential buildings.

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