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Red granite stairs

After carrying out all the measurements according to the obtained dimensions, with the help of modern software systems, a computer model of this staircase was built, which made it possible to detect a significant asymmetry of the rounded parts.

Next, the surface was approximated, as a result of which an optimal model of the surface of the steps was obtained. According to this model, electronic drawings were built, according to which life-size patterns of step details were cut out of cardboard using a plotter. This method allows you to avoid errors in the manufacture of patterns, which in turn are used to manufacture parts directly from granite.

To make the walls of the basement (adjacent to the base of the stairs) more rigid, they were reinforced with a reinforcing metal mesh.
The installation of a red granite staircase began with the installation of the steps of the upper tier, then the slabs that form the horizontal surface of the entire tier, and then the rest of the granite parts.

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