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Dark gray granite countertop «Pantera Grey»

A worktop made of deep dark gray granite on light-colored furniture will not leave anyone indifferent. Excellent Pantera Gray granite with light, crystal veins will be a real decoration of your kitchen. This, almost black, granite is mined in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. This stone is one of the densest, and its density reaches 3000 kg per m³. This means that 1 m³ of such a 3 cm thick kitchen worktop will weigh 90 kg. For this reason, we recommend that for furniture that will be covered with a stone worktop, use chipboard with a thickness of 18 mm, no less!

What else is black granite for countertops

Gabbro is also mined in Ukraine – a black stone, with possible small green crystals. Gabbro may also contain small crystals of basalt. Gabbro is mined in the Zhytomyr region.

Basalt is a darker stone compared to gabbro. However, from Ukrainian basalt, the blackest and purest stone, countertops can only be made 60 cm wide.

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