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Granite countertop “Star of Ukraine”

Table top: granite Star of Ukraine

This project was made of Didkovichi granite. If you’re looking for a countertop in a different color, visit our granite catalog where you’ll find a texture to suit every taste.

The main task of the granite plinth is to protect the walls from pollution during wet cleaning of the kitchen. On the visible edges, the plinth is finished with a B-type chamfer. You can see products made of granite on our website. At the corners of the walls, the details of the plinth are joined at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows you to achieve the effect of the integrity of the entire structure, it seems that the plinth is made of a granite monolith.

Why do you need a decorative plinth

Table top: granite Star of Ukraine

Please note that a decorative curly plinth is installed in the hob area. Granite plinth carries not only a decorative function, but also a functional purpose – protecting the wall from pollution during cooking. Such a detail gives the kitchen its sophistication, but at the same time the issue of ease of use is taken into account – ease of washing and care.

Table top: granite Star of Ukraine

Chamfers – decoration and practical benefits

Granite tabletop Star of Ukraine

The corner is rounded (the radius of rounding is 2 cm). This is necessary to prevent injury during operation.

Granite countertop Star of Ukraine

The protruding edges of the granite countertop are processed (chamfer H). The type of chamfer can be absolutely any, many options are presented on our website.

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