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Granite fence

A granite fence is expensive and prestigious. This is an architectural masterpiece and the high status of the owner. It is not enough to say about such a structure that it fits into the architecture of the street. It is more of a decoration of any street and avenue. A fence made entirely of granite stone is extremely rare – it costs a lot and looks massive. Mostly ordered decorative finishes. But this does not reduce the effectiveness of the structure.

Advantages of granite as a facing stone

  • High reliability. Such a structure can withstand any impact, from mechanical to weather, does not deteriorate from temperature extremes, contact with moisture. Also, he is not afraid of ultraviolet, wind load.
  • Attractive appearance. A fence made of granite rubble looks especially beautiful: large elements look solid, noble.
  • Unpretentiousness in service. The structure does not need to be treated with compounds to protect against fire, moisture and parasites, if necessary, the surface can be washed, including using cleaning agents.
  • Long service life. A granite fence can stand for up to 100 years, which is 2-4 times longer than its counterparts made of metal and especially wood. At the same time, the type of fence will remain the same as in the first years after construction.
  • Environmental Safety. The construction process does not use hazardous components, so the finished object will not harm the environment.

A huge selection of textures and a large palette of colors and shades will allow you not to limit yourself and embody the most daring fantasies. Based on the fact that granite is a natural stone, its pattern and structure are formed solely under the influence of natural phenomena. Therefore, all the convolutions, special patterns and spots are not defects, these are highlights and exclusivity of the color of the stone. At the same time, when we build a fence made of stone, one should consider the color of the stone and the stone texture that is most suitable for the design of the fence. Such fences can be low, high, solid or spanned. You can block them both on one side of the building, and draw a fence around the perimeter of the entire site. The fence enclosing the lawn will look good. In the “body” of the fence, you can place an arched opening or niches for flowers. To create a shadow around the bench, you can also build a decorative stone fence behind it.

If you follow all the technologies for building a fence and make it from really high-quality natural natural stones, then such a protective fence will protect your estates and serve “faithfully” for hundreds of years.

It is believed that marble and granite materials are expensive. But, based on the fact that the fence is installed in the most prominent place and will serve you for decades, it is easy to calculate that this will be a uniquely profitable investment. These materials are really reliable, practical, durable and of course luxurious.

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