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Sawn paving stone from Gabbro (20×10×3 cm)



Sawn Gabbro paving stone has a dark gray or even black color. Deposits of the material are located in the Zhytomyr region and it is mined in more than 40 quarries. Paving stones from this type of stone are excellent for paving streets and squares.

Full-sawn Gabbro pavers have many unique qualities:

  • smooth surface on all sides;
  • long service life – laying of sawn paving stones will please the eye for decades without any repair or restoration;
  • resistance to moisture, acids, mechanical stress, ultraviolet radiation;
  • paving stones are not damaged by rot, fungus;
  • water resistance – which also provides resistance to cracking during frosts;
  • ease of installation and dismantling if necessary;
  • when laying, a perfectly even seam is easily created;
  • affordable cost, which is achieved due to the use of Ukrainian material;
  • universal, it can be combined with any shades of stone.

How to lay sawn pavers from Gabbro

The laying of sawn Gabbro pavers depends mainly on the overall design intent. They put it almost close, without wide gaps, creating interesting patterns in the form of rhombuses, circles, triangles and zigzags. Such material is suitable for paving perfectly flat areas: hiking trails, recreation areas, parking spaces, garden and park paths. When laying paving stones around the perimeter of buildings, it is advisable to leave a strip of lawn or fill the area between the building and paving stones with marble or granite chips. This will protect the coating during dismantling, reconstruction or repair of the house. And in the case of sawn Gabbro paving stones, the crumb can be different in its color scheme, which will create even greater attractiveness and sophistication of the space.

What is combined with sawn pavers from Gabbro

Sawn Gabbro pavers are perfect for any building facade. It also blends perfectly with other types of surfaces: chipped, heat-treated and tumbled. An excellent design solution would be to combine sawn paving stones with large granite slabs (of the same stone). It can be combined with any kind of granite paving stones, because due to its dark color it can be safely supplemented with red, green and gray shades of stone.

There are also many schemes for laying sawn paving stones, many of which you can find on our website.



20×10 cm, 200×100 mm




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