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Tumbled paving stone from Pokostovsky granite (10 × 10 × 3 cm)


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Sawn and then tumbled paving stones 30 mm thick made of granite from the Pokostovsky deposit are the best solution for creating a cozy atmosphere of an old European city at the most comfortable price. As direct manufacturers, we tell you how we make it:

  • first, we bring blocks from the Pokostovsky granite quarry to production. We saw them into slabs 20 cm thick;
  • after, we cut heavy, 20-centimeter plates into strips 30 mm thick and 20 cm wide;
  • already at the penultimate stage, using a hydraulic press, we chop paving stones of 10×10 cm format. The edges of each tile are even. They are formed when sawing or splitting granite;
  • the fourth processing is actually tumbling. On it, the rounding and softening of all sharp edges takes place.

As a result of such treatments, we get sawn and tumbled paving stones from Pokostovsky granite. The front surface of such paving is perfectly flat, but not slippery.

Product Tumbled paving stones
Type of stone Grey Ukraine
Colour Grey
Thikness, mm 30
Size, mm 100×100
Front surface sawn
Side surface split
Bottom sawn
Laid, Install 5 mm joint
Quantity of pcs in 1 m² 91
Weight of 1 m², kg 70
Packing big bag 1-1,5 tons
m² in one truck 22 t. 310


10×10 cm



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