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Tumbled paving stones from Pokostovsky granite (25 × 12 × 5 cm)


Tumbled paving stones or “Old Town”, as it is more commonly called, are mainly used in cases where comfort and safety are important. After all, this type of paving stone does not have sharp edges, since they are ground on a tumbling drum. Thus, paving with tumbled paving stones is preferable on playgrounds, near swimming pools, etc. In addition, it is pleasant to walk barefoot on such a coating, which means that in the courtyard of a private house or patio, paving stones after tumbling will delight its owners and guests.

This product is full sawn and then tumbled paving stone from Pokostovsky granite. This means that all facets of the cobbled stone are pre-sawed on special equipment, giving them a perfectly flat surface.

We would like to note that the laying of granite paving stones is similar to the laying of simple paving slabs, but granite will last much longer than concrete.

Тип продукции Tumbled paving stones
Тип камня Grey Ukraine
Color Grey
Thikness, mm 50
Size, mm 250×120
Front surface sawn
Side surface sawn
Bottom sawn
Laid, Install 5 mm joint
Quantity of pcs in 1 m² 33.3
Weight of 1 m², kg 135
Packing big bag 1-1,5 tons
m² in one truck 22 t. 160


25х12 cm



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