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Tumbled paving stones from Gabbro (10×10×5 cm)


«Old town» or tumbled paving stones from natural gabbro stone.

A significant advantage of the 10x10x5 Gabbro 10x10x5 tumbled paving stone is the smoothing of sharp edges. Thus, it can be used where it is necessary to give maximum comfort and safety when walking a person barefoot. Such tumbled paving stones 10×10 cm in size look excellent on the house paths. Tumbled paving stones are made by sawing Gabbro blocks into even square ones – pencils, with a section of 10×10 cm. Then, the blanks are pricked on stone splitting presses. In this way, the lower and upper surfaces are chipped. Then, this sawn-split paving stone is loaded into the tumbling drum. In the process of tumbling, each paving stone knocks down sharp corners on a neighboring stone. The result of such processing is paving stones in the form of marine pellets. Laying such paving stones is done in the same way as paving slabs familiar to everyone. However, the service life of tumbled stone blocks made of natural Gabbro stone 10x10x5 cm is hundreds of years.

Product Tumbled paving stones
Type of stone Gabbro
Colour Black
Thikness, mm 50 mm
Size, mm 100×100 mm
Face split
Edge sawn
Bottom split
Laid, Install 5 mm joint
Quantity of pcs in 1 m² 91
Weight of 1 m², kg 137
Packing big bag 1-1,5 tons
m² in one truck 22 t. 160

Paving with tumbled paving stones 10x10x5 from Gabbro

Tumbled paving stone from black gabbro stone
Laying paving stones tumbled from gabbro stone
Paving with tumbled paving stones made of Пabbro stone


10×10 cm



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